is rhsre a yoyo similar size to horizon and more stable and or better spin

I am interested in one if so

If you don’t mind spending on a high end throw, the Elysian by Eternal Throw provides some long spins without being oversized like the Horizon. YYE has a few of these left.

The Horizon is one of the most stable and longest spinning yo-yos on the market so you won’t find anything drastically better in either of those regards.

The CLYW Sasquatch is more stable, spin is relatively similar.

The Shutter!

The Shu-Ta is a more stable Shutter. If you want stability my go to is the Onedrop Chik!

You would be hard pressed to find a yoyo more stable than the horizon, and the shutter is definitely not IMO.

Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0 not similar but more stable and better spinner.

iYoyo Steel, it plays like a bi metal Horizon.