yoyo factory

whats better the horizon or the shu-ta? (for bot horizontal tricks as well as normal tricks slack tricks etc)

never tried the Shuta. I know, super helpful right?

but no worries Someone will tell ya.

Well, the Horizon isn’t a very fast yoyo, so probably not the best for horizontal tricks as you need to keep a good pace up so that the yoyo stays off axis. I’d go with the Shu-ta here honestly.

is the shu ta good for finger spins? and haha seems counter intuitive that it is called the horizon if its not for horizontal tricks

I personally prefer the Shu-Ta for normal and horizontal yoyoing, but I’m not too good at horizontal and a lot of people really like the Horizon for horizontal. The Shu-Ta is more rim weighted and stable, but not as fast or maneuverable but great for learning tricks, while, though also very rim weighted and stable, the Horizon is better for fast, competition oriented play and also GREAT at fingerspins. Overall it just comes down to preference and price.

Should have asked, what do you already have and do you want something different or similar?

Watch a video of Kerbal and Takada and let that help guide you. Asking if something is “better” isn’t going to really produce anything but opinions, good or bad.

The Shu Ta can finger spin just fine but the Horizon is easier with a concave face.

And the Horizon is GREAT at horizontal. Horizontal is not only about speed. Stability, spin times, etc, the Horizon does great!

But don’t let that put the Shu Ta down. Its a Shutter (which many love) made in 7075 aluminum which that alone makes it a pretty unique throw.

End of the day, Horizon is slightly narrower and kind of oversized. The Shu-Ta is a little wider and mid sized with .5 grams of more weight.

Personally I prefer the Shu-Ta BUT Horizon might be better for you and you can’t let someone else tell you what you should like.

i don’t know how to compare it to what i already have. I have the Arctic circle 2 the chief duncan strix t5 overlord and a yomega dash. i want something for better horizontal and wanted for finger spins as well. IDK which one is better. and does the 7075 why is that different from the rest of the aluminums? what make it different or even better?

also in comparison what would be better shu ta/horizon or space cowboy? like dies the bi metal make it better in any sense?

Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0 is pretty good for finger spins and horizontal better then shu ta I think.

I own both and prefer the Shu-Ta. The way it’s contoured, I find it one of the most comfortable throws to hold. For that reason alone, I prefer it. Both are competition throws, so skill will be the limit. They are made for two very different players, so watch some vids to see what they’re all about. There is no wrong choice.