Finger Spins


What are some good yoyos to do finger spins with? I only have one and would like more.


A list of the ones in my collection: 2sick knight, turntable, iyoyo steel, space cadet, horizon, d10, Rec rev octave. I personally like all of these for fingerspins


Thanks for the input.


MYY Skyva is probably the best for learning them. For learning more tricks than the standard fingerspin like hops, the Eternal Throw Elysian is probably the best.

YYO Orbis, Iyoyo Steel, and ET Curvy Donut Man are great for them as well.

I would avoid stuff like the Horizon and Space Cadet because they aren’t as forgiving and are more difficult to learn on.

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The Skyva is a crutch more than anything. You pop it on your finger and it’s just automatic.

I think learning is best done when you first struggle and then progress. You can do that (in regards to fingerspins) with anything that has a flat cup. It’ll be hard at first, but as your mechanics improve, so will your results.


My two best finger spin throws are the Compass and the Banshee. It took some work learning. But I learned on the Compass.


I would agree with this! For leaning not the greatest, but purely for spins they are great. If you are still in a learning phase, I would highly recommend things with small hubs (I can’t come up with the word) in it, that way you aren’t trying to dead center fingerspin. Off axis fingerspins are great to learn first, then move into centered fingerspins.



It’s easy mode, but that’s what you want when starting IMO.
You’ll have a hard enough time throwing it sideways and getting your finger under it in the right place.

Then learning the bind.

After that you can get a Horizon or something and work on getting the actual spin down.




Don’t forget about the Elysian by Eternal Throw.


Where would they get that from?


I have a variety of yoyos that were designed for finger spins. Ironicly, the ones that have the inverse nipple (Space Cadet, C3 MOVE), along with ones with a bowl (Horizon) give me the most trouble spinning.

The Elysian is amazing and it’s pretty much “auto correct” for finger spins. The extreme H-shape and the tiny cup make it perfect.

I’ve also had excellent luck with my 2sick Knight as much as you’d think the nub in the center would get in the way. Also been able to spin my Igloo, Oracle, and other yoyos with fairly flat centers.


Add the Petrichor to the flat-cup list of contenders.

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I have a C3 Railgun and it’s absolutely insane for fingerspins guys…yeah, I uses a lot of others too…but or an excellent throw to land a fs with and I like the 3YO3 AL5 along with the Shutter and the Alter Ego by Spin Dynamics…have to agree with some of the other listed throws too


C3 move is the best I have ever used! For me it’s almost completely automatic. Then again, for leaning it may not be the best.
I still have to get a skyva and Elysian (trades for them on my bst :wink: )to compare though.


Horizon, strix and skyva


The skyva and horizon are really good


I learned on the shutter and dogma. The shutter was great in aiming for the inner grind area but still required learning a good slight tilt. The dogma has a nice area around the hub that spins real nice on that slight tilt. Recently picked up a skyva. Love it, but until you have a good horizontal throw and practice popping up onto the finger, it’s actually harder than the shutter. Sometimes it will spin around my finger and never settle into that tiny dimple!


I learned with the skyva but I think the horizon is a good one to do finger spins with


Ok listen. I have used all the yoyos mentioned here for fingerspins extensively.

But, the best yoyo out there for fingerspins is the eternal throw Elysian. Just hands down