Good finger spin yoyos??

So yeah, I really want to learn this trick, and I was wondering if you guys could suggest anything. My budget is low. (about $100).


Theory, horizon,shutter, movitation, most c3’s. Really anything is good. There are also a few new throws at YYE that are marketed as fingerspin throws. Don’t remember the names but the should be one of the latest releases.


ET Elysian, C3 Mo-vitation

Thanks. What about the one drop T1?
It has that little nub thing, so will that kill finger spinning possibilities?

Anything where the cup/hub has a flat area in the middle will work great. My personal favourite is CLYW puffin 2 (more so than Elysian) it might be a bit out of your budget new (the next production run is being anodized right now) but they are around on the BST

No. Like I said, you can fingerspin on almost anything. If I can do it on a Classic, I’m pretty sure you can do it on a T1


yoyojam theory it just won the fingerspin contest

yeah but yoyo that can do a long finger spin is different than one that is good for doing tricks that involve transfers and such. (try landing on the theory dimple every time lol)

Personally I’ve found the Horizon to be very good for both spins (String King managed a 1:31 for my contest using a Horizon) and transfers. Although you should be able to fingerspin on a lot of different yoyos, finding one that was designed for that specific purpose is always a good idea.

Horizon/Elysium/L5 are all great shouts.

I just got to use my first elysian, and honestly I like it 1000x better than the horizon for fingerspins. It’s the best fingerspin yoyo I’ve ever used, and I could easily land right in the nub every time since the cup acts like a funnel and funnels your finger into the middle. I could easily get 40secs-1min fingerspins on it on a not even very hard throw. I would definitely recommend.

The theory or anything with lateral caps is great for spin time and transfers. I’ll bet if logi had used a different yoyo that had the regular lateral caps he would have gotten a longer fingerspin time (regular lateral caps are better)

Hehehe, yeah, the lateral caps are great for nice long spins, but for tricks, you’ll want a Horizon or a Elysium.

Thanks. I’ve been trying to finger spin with my shutter, but it isn’t working very well.

I have a shutter and an L5. The L5 is by far easier for me. Shutter: around 15 seconds. L5 well over a minute.

I am new at this, though.