Finger Spins, keeping it from spinning out

Started messing with finger spins, finding it to be a little troublesome. How do I keep the spin in control without having the yoyo eventually start sliding to the outer edge? Normally a finger spin stays centered with the correct yoyo but I find that my finger may start in or near the center and eventually be working its way outward until the yoyo just flies off.

For what it’s worth, I’m using an Eternal Throw Elysian as well as trying it on a Shu-Ta, Shutter, and Horizon which all have finger spin cups.

This video helped me.

I too am working on finger spin!!

Balance it like you would a spin top. Keep moving your finger in horizontal circles, moving your finger in the opposite direction the yo-yo is leaning. In other words, go towards the “outer edge” your finger is sliding towards, not away. It’s counter-intuitive, but it’s how the procession works.

you cant center a fingerspin on a shutter or shuta

I found out last night at yoyo club that each of these finger spinning capable yoyos behave differently. Example, as said, shutter and shu-ta can’t stay centered, but more or less ride the edge of that crater.

I noticed my Horizon, my finger would kind of just slide around in the bowl, and maybe also ride the outer edge.

With a horizon if you keep your finger “loose” it will find the center and start to vibrate there. Once you get that it will spin forever.

I have kept my shutter centered no problem. My finger doesn’t ride the walls at all. So I don’t believe that the shutter can’t be centered on finger spins.