Fingerspins with Center Bump/Spike


Ok but like even if it’s possible there’s no way that it’s practical… right? There’s no way that anyone can land that consistently

@smileypants707 I think you’re thinking of matador

({John15}) #22

I mean, I’m sure it could be done consistently. Have you seen some of the stuff people can do with yo-yos and kendama? It would just take a lot of practice and determination


Practical vs possible. Very different :wink: is it possible to fingerspin on a daydream? Yes, can I do it consistently, meh, not really. Same with spiked yoyos. If people are looking for practical, either accept non perfect fingerspins or get a yoyo that does the work for them.

(Victor) #24

You can. From the little time that I spent practicing the trick, I believe you can even get consistent at it. You just need to land the spike on the center of your finger but do it in a way that the finger is almost parallel to the ground as opposed to a regular finger-spin where your finger is more straight. That will give the spike a bigger surface of contact with your finger, preventing your finger from orbiting around it.


The Edge i can manage to pull start and keep on my finger for a solid minute

Yoyos with decent sharp spikes like the Nightmare can do tricks which spin perfectly at the end of you finger, on the spike. These tricks are recognised as Matador-style tricks

But really doe, the Metal Skyva is the best fingerspinner.