Budget metal 45$ - 85$

I was looking around and some of the yoyos i’m deciding from are: Shutter, C3 level 6, Werrd minute
Werrd 86400, Supernova, Genesis and the Cypher. I already own a Horizon and Too H.O.T

I’m a new player so i only really know tri cks like: Plastic whip, double or nothing, Flips etc.

I don’t really have one shape I like more than another, but if i had to pick one i’d say V.
I’m also looking for long spin time.

I don’t really care if it can grind well.

Feel free to recommend one of the above or another. If need any more info just ask.

Shutter is definetely my choice out of those .

The most well rounded IMO

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cypher if you can find a premium splash one

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Which yoyos do you have till now? And Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0 is my recommendation others Ill tell about you answer my question.

I have the YYF Horizon And YYF Too hot

I don’t have a lot of experience with the throws you mentioned, but I think its worth mentioning some YYO models; the nifty and hatchet 2 in particular.

I really am in love with my nifty; its size and weight make it a fun and unique throw, and at $70 for a nice colorway it’s comparable in price to a shutter with splash.

I also really like my shutter too; I don’t think you would be disappointed with it.

Definitely check out some Yoyofficer models. I love my Crayon and Lava. The Sine//Saw by RecRev is also by far one of my favorite yoyos.

Out of the ones you listed I only own the 86400, but it is a stellar throw. I would recommend it.

I second the 86

If you like V then CZM8 by YYF is really good. Also, you can wait for the new $45 YYF CzechPoint which is said to be REALLY good.

Maybe even the new yyj transcend ?

Hatchet 2 by Yoyofficer - The caveat is I’ve only played the original, but based on information from the company and the raw numbers in terms of updated specs, I’d be comfortable saying it should play at least as well as the original.

Shu-ta by Yoyofactory - I’d like to own one of these myself sometime soon.

Glide by Yomega - Underrated.

One Drop Benchmark - Hard to go wrong with any.

The Czechpoint is really good! ;D I tried it yesterday and it was amazing. Solid but, also floaty. It is like a Vk ss, without the SS rings:)


But rainfly is bi metal and less expensive than shake

I was going to suggest this, too. I have the O and it’s a really high quality piece of kit.