Next Yo-Yo recommendations

Hello all,

I’m pretty much at the advanced/expert 1 level so to speak and so far I’ve played with the following Yo-Yo’s.

Duncan Metal Drifter
Yomega Maverick
YoYoFactory DV888
YoYoFactory Shutter (most current)

I’ve been getting better as I move up from different level types of Yo-Yo’s. What would you guys recommend for me to get next? Note: I love the shape of the Shutter.

Thanks in advance

Shuta. A 7075 version of the Shutter.

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The Czech Point. Vashek’s new sig coming out in more colors at the start of August. Hyped!

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Next big performance change would be a bimetal since it can add extra stability and spin time

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The Shutter! The Shu-Ta is nice to, but it is a bit more expensive.

Since you have a shutter I would suggest a yoyofactory cyborg 2.0.

Or yoyofactory 2hot or Czech point.

And what’s your budget.

Because if you don’t have any budget I would suggest a sengoku nobunaga.

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How can he buy a yoyo if he doesn’t have any budget to buy a yoyo

Probably up to $100

Probably up to $100

Get a bimetal, extend the spin time for longer play
I would suggest iyoyo steel or yoyozeekio volt

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Or a Rainfly. All good Bimetals in that price range.

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Well, so far you’ve only gotten yoyos from the basic main brands like YYF and YYJ. I would HIGHLY recommend not getting yet another YYF yoyo, and possibly going for a brand you haven’t tried. Yoyofficer makes really nice yoyos. From them i could suggest the Hatchet 2, the Nifty, the Crayon, and so on. Rebellion also makes some nice yoyos like the Acro and Butcher. Whatever you do though, id probably try out a new company other than YYF/YYJ.

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I mean if he has an unlimited budget not a set one

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Look into the Benchmark series by Onedrop. They have a shape/color for every person and come with an awesome 10 ball bearing. At $58 bucks it’s a beast. Thinking about picking up a V shape soon.

The YoyoEmpire Rainfly is really nice for the price(about $75) and it seems to fit your preferences. Also try finding stuff on the BST you could probably find a Space Cowboy or VKSS for under $100.

If you like the Shutter, you will like this.