Shutter or Cypher

Which one do you guys prefer? I am in need of advice of what yoyo to buy for my bro-in-law, he has my old OneStar and wants a upgrade after seeing how great my DV888 was.

shutter… it can take a beating.

Personally, I much prefer the Cypher over the Shutter.

Never played the cypher but always hated the look of it. I like my shutter, I will say it’s shape is different but it’s not my fav throw. It does take a beating though and still play awesome, and for a first unresponsive expect many…many dings from any yoyo.

Shutter I found better than the cypher. I found it more stable and the rounded shape of the cypher just didn’t feel that great.

Other options include:

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shutter for beginner

If $60 is your budget (assuming since you considered a Cypher) maybe look at Shu-ta instead?


You should wait for the accelerator!!!


ive played with both and i like them but the sutter is much more playedbel, it does anything from grinds to horizon, if youre going out in public and you need a yoyo to just throw some couple tricks out, this is the one, as a beginner the cypher will be harder to learn on since its hard to horizintal with or grind, it is much better fo poppy tricks but the shutter is good for speed, pops, horizontal and almost any kind of play, so with this yoyo it is easier to find what kind of player you are, but if you have 60 $ i would get a shu-ta, it is like a shutter but less for starter with a better metal

Thanks a bunch guys, it appears he has lost his interest in yoyo’ing… that fast. I probably won’t get him any, sorry to waste your guys’ time.