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Hello. I am fairly new to this hobby, although I am catching on very quickly. Right now i have a yoyo factory shutter but I am looking to upgrade to a much better throw. If money was no object, what yoyo would you buy? Thank you for your suggestions.

I sort of already have it :P, but I absolutely LOVE the Oxy Hyperion!

Yoyo’s are all preference to different people.
For me the list, in no specific order.
YYR Draupnir
sOMEThING Anglam, Phaser, Slasher
One Drop Format: C
sOMEThING Superfly Remix

As said by most everyone, there is no best.
But there are really good ones:
YYR Draupnir, Sputnik, Dazzler, Laser
TP Isotope 2/ Palpitation
Something Anglam(Both reg and cc), Phaser, Slasher
YoyoMonster Agonist
Sturm Panzar Leo Sniper MK-II, Schneider, Schneider MK-II
YYF SpaceCowboy
C3YO:Krown, Berserker SS

Yomega raiders XD

There is no best, it’s all about prefe - nah, Draupnir.

I actually tried a Sputnik recently and it was awesome! However as everybody else has said its all preference and sometimes people actually like cheaper throws than expensive, vice versa. Its all pref.

You’ve got a Shutter! It was used to win the World Championship and a National Championship Title. What more could you want just starting out?

What has been said already is very thorough advice, you need to figure out which style you like best. (1A String Tricks, 2A Looping Tricks, 3A 2-Handed String Tricks, 4A Offstring, 5A Freehand) Work from that in mind because Yo-Yoing is VERY vast today with a Yo-Yo ready to cater to your every whim.

All different Styles have their peak Yo-Yo’s… In your situation and in direct response to your question asked as the Op, if you have a really good job and loosely have up to about $200 to spend on a Yo-Yo.

The Duncan Triumph is above and beyond, it will take you to where you want to be.

If you want the best from the industry’s oldest company, I can think of. The Triumph is probably it.

Other than that, CLYW and One Drop appear to have the High-End/Luxury segment of the Yo-Yo Market sown up…, Anything you get will be amazing. They are in a league of their own. YoYoFactory, YoYoJam, and the others… I haven’t ever played with a YoYoJam I didn’t love and I haven’t ever played with a YoYoFactory I didn’t enjoy. The basic YoYoFactory Whip is pretty impressive with what you can do on it for only $10, I am sure the Space Cowboy is amazing. The YoYoJam Dark Magic II is a great Yo-Yo for it’s price range and I have been eyeballing Takeshi’s AI for a long old minute, I think you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a more visually stunning Throw. Today, even Yomegar has top performers with their Yomega Glide and Yomega Prodigy lines.

So, there is a lot to choose from. And…, that’s really the point of this post. You have a lot to choose from and the more important question you should probably be asking yourself is: “Which style of Yo-Yoing is best/most fun for me, which path should I commit to so I can become the best/have the most fun I can at it, and which Yo-Yo can I use to take me there?”

The Yo-Yo is one small part of the equation, and can ultimately only be a Bridge for you to use to get better. The biggest part of the equation is you, your preference, and what type of Yo-Yo fits you best after a lot of trial and error. Somebody mentioned “Due Diligence” the other day, and that’s exactly what is required to find the Best Yo-Yo for you.

S.kon paper yoyo because it’s made of paper and amazingly smooth. Very unique and pretty.

Now if I wanted something to compete with I’d probly grab a draupnir or palpitation. I’ve heard great things about the schneider mk2 as well but haven’t tried it.

For me personally I think the best yoyos are the Berserker SS and the Auldey Equilibrium, but this is all due to personal preference as I like heavy spinning, solid and stable yoyos.

Advance Scout, best yoyo ever. No question.

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From what I hear:

1A Draupnir, palpitation

2A loop 1080, modded raider/fireball

3A Phaser, Maxbet, Eclipse Ogre

4A Jet set EC(?) idk

5A Palpitation. ( rapid is good too)

There’s no best, but some perform better

It’s all what you like, I really enjoy the Advance Scout, but also am fond of 2sickyoyos.

I can spend a day throwing a Shutter or Horizon, or a CLYW AC2.

Some days I like the Werrd Hour, some days I like the Duncan Echo 2… they are all GREAT throws and all can handle anything I throw at them. Just enjoy what you have and get was you like.

The best yoyo out there, only you can answer that question.

Being fairly new, what are the reasons for wanting to upgrade from a Shutter?
Too light? Too heavy? Too big? Too small? Too wide? Too narrow? Too responsive? Too unresponsive?

As far as throws go, Shutter has a pretty decent track record.

If you’ve decided the shutter isn’t for you, and you think the issue can be addressed by changing something… try it.
New bearing, old bearing, heavily lubed bearing, thin string, normal string, thick string, different response pads… etc etc etc.

Pick any of the popular name throwers and give them an old Super Yo Renegade or an original Freehand and they’ll play better than a fairly new player with a Shutter. So based on that, I would have to go with a Super Yo Renegade or an original Freehand.

But seriously, the absolute BEST yoyo you can buy is the one you are actually going to throw.
Because throwing = practice, practice = improvement.

Nothing could possibly be better than the Dazzler. The reason is because the manufacturer implies they are worth $650…so you KNOW it has to be the best. Otherwise, you could try a Duncan imperial.

Triumph really is quite good. Wish it had a proper bead/soda blast instead of pyramatte, but there you have it…

My favourites right now are the C3 Krown and the OD Valor. A more recent entry into my top-5 has been the Square Wheels Nomad. Also noteworthy is the (inexpensive) YYF TooHOT.

You will discover very quickly that the word “best” is always met with a sly sideways look around here.

So Canvas>Draupnir and Palp amirite

Honestly, the best Yoyo is the one that makes you feel the most successful.

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