Best yoyo for me

Firstly I want to say sorry if there are already multiple threads on this but anyway… So other than playing with some auto clutching yoyo a couple of years ago, I haven’t had much experience with yo-yoing. I have a yoyojam classic on the way which should be here in a few days but I can already see myself getting really into this hobby as I have other hobbies similar to this which I really enjoy (like cubing) and I have watched a lot of YouTube videos on tricks reviews setting up etc. My question is, although I probably won’t get it for a month or so after getting the classic, what is the BEST yoyo for me. I want a un responsive yoyo of good quality. I want something that I can get that will last me ages and be adequate through my whole yoyoing experience, something that someone with enough skill can perform any trick on (other than tricks requiring a responsive yoyo of course). I want this yoyo to ideally be able to do all the normal tricks but also other stuff like grinds, etc. I think the aluminium,ones look cool and also the alum-plastic ones. From the research that I’ve done the shutter, dv888, 888 and the dark magic 2 seem noteworthy but which of these are the best for me or what is a yoyo that is better. Ideally around $50.


The issue with your question is really the part where you want the “best”. :slight_smile:

Just so you have an idea of where I’m coming from: I’ve been yoyoing for about 2 months now, and have mastered tricks very sporadically (can’t do 1.5 mount consistently, but can do Black Hops etc). I have in my possession just a ONEstar and a Shutter. The problem with wanting the best yoyo is, you really don’t know till you’ve tried!

Long story short: my Shutter is waaaay smooth and is technically speaking, the superior throw. At the end of the day though, the ONEstar is my preferred yoyo - the profile suits me better than Shutter’s extreme shape; the weight suits me better; I prefer the way it plays. You’d think the mandatory slight vibe of plastic would put me off… nope!

$15 plastic versus $45 high-performance metal and the unexpected champion is the plastic.

To answer your question more specifically though, out of the three you’ve shortlisted, Shutter should win hands down. I’d suggest you look up the $35 Protostar too, that one’s got a pretty good reputation and Jensen Kimmitt street cred. That said, you really only know which yoyos work best for you after playing more. My experience with a ONEstar and Shutter has suggested that I might prefer throws that are lighter and more organically shaped.

Have fun with them all! ;D

Orca hit the nail on the head with his post. I’ve personally tried about 25 different aluminum and alum/plastic throws. I’ve got a DMII and it’s a great throw. I’ve also owned the shutter, and everyone can agree that it is a beast of a yoyo (I’d say everyone can agree anyway), the shutter was even used to win worlds this year.

My all time favorite so far is probably the CafeRacer by one drop. Just fits my style of 1a play pretty perfectly. Though the shutter seems more diverse.

If you can tell, there is an inherent problem with this question because the answer will be different for everyone. Welcome to the yoyo journey, I wish you the best of luck in Your throwing experiences.

Although its a really good and fun Yoyo, the cafe racer is tiny. I think something that would be good is one of the yyf budget yoyos. Shutter is good for all around, TooHOT is slower and more stable. CZM8 is faster more nimble and sharper (in shape). Horizon is HUGE so it’s amazing for horizontal but tech isn’t easy on it. I haven’t tried the cypher yet. If yOure willing to go $8 over, the 2014 benchmark series is AMAZING. I wouldn’t reccomend a plastic/metal hybrid cause from my experience they break after quite some use. The Duncan torque is also an amazing Yoyo.

Thanks for the responses guys. Look like ill go with the shutter when the time comes.
Also, when buying strings should I just go for the standard poly strings or something else?

Cheers, Jacob

Standard 100 percent Polly strings will do good as you are a beginner.

Yep, standard poly will be fine if you’re starting out. Buy 'em in 10 packs and experiment with brands/materials as you progress!

Out of the three years I’ve been yoyoing, I’ve found that the $64 Shu-ta IMO beats any >$100 that I’ve tried. It’s one drop smooth, made of 7075 aluminum, excels in horizontal, and it’s even finger spin capable. It can take you from a beginner to as far as you want to go. Happy hunting!

I’m pretty sure it’s made of 7075 aluminum. And yes, it is very good.