started again :)


i recently pick up my yoyo hobby again. :smiley:
so i need recommendations.
The yoyo can cost bit over 100 dollar or cheaper ;D, my old yoyo is a dv888, wouldn’t mind if it was a bit bigger.the weight doesn’t matter,but the most importaint part is that it most be stabile!
otherwise is all the recommendations wellcome, just a nice overall yoyo would be nice

(major_seventh) #2



Shutter, horizon, or too H.O.T. I own all three. There really nice. And there all around $50. If you want to spend $100 you could get 2 of them


TooHOT is killer. The One Drop Benchmark series slays. Yoyofficer Hatchet or Orbis…

For $100 there are other choices, but for less money those all spring to mind.


Benchmark H would be a great upgrade.


thanks for the replys :), But would the 100$ choice be any better?


Doubtful. Not “better” per se.


Any of these should be good: