What's a good 3rd metal yoyo to buy

I have a dv8 and an n9 Magic yoyo and I was wondering, what would be the best 3rd yoyo to add to my collection? I like to do slow technical tricks and I would like to get introduced to finger grinds but I’m not sure what yoyo to buy considering that there are tons of yoyo made for grinding. I would like the yoyo recommendations to be relatively cheap due to the fact that I’m only 14 and I don’t have a job yet and I have to save money up from chores and stuff. Thanks! ;D

Look like you need something stable, long spinning, good for grinds and medium-paced. I’d suggest the Shutter or TooHot. If you’re willing to spend a little more, you might want to check out the Gradient or Aftershock.

My choices:


from most expensive to least expensive but all are top performers

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Too H.O.T and Czech Point are good players. The Too H.O.T is a relaxed player with an amazing catch zone and sits nicely on the fingers for grinds. I attached a few pix of mine, can not put it down.

You haven’t told the budget so I would say a.

Considering this, I’d imagine they’d want to keep it a bit more budget-friendly :slight_smile:

Sparkhawk listed expensive so I thought I should. Also it’s my favourite I think it worth the extra penny.

Wow, thank you all! I actually bought 2 yoyos, yyfs too hot and the iyoyo steel and boy, they are both the smoothest yoyos I have ever thrown 8) I’m thinking the next yoyo I should buy is a H.S. Phenom because I do have 80$ saved up already… :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy to hear you went with 2 of the throws I was saying even if it wasn’t me that convinced you. The Steel is a top notch throw and should do well for you. I would however pass on the phenom. It’s just a bit on the older side these days and plays a bit heavy.

It might be worth it to save up for the slasher which really outperforms it:

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Surprisingly better than butcher

That looks like one kick *** yoyo my friend but I would prob. buy one when I get a job and can make enough money.

I had the complete opposite experience with the Rebellion yo-yos, preferred the Butcher much more than the Acro.

To the OP - I own an iYoYo Steel as well, one of my favorite yo-yos. I find myself going between the Steel and YYF Cypher for daily throws lately, so if you like the Steel and Too HOT then the Cypher might not be a bad choice. There’s a nice contrast between them and it would give you a good variety.

Yo-Yos are all personal preference though so take what everyone is saying with a grain of salt and just get whatever you think you’ll like.

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The CZPoint is really good for the price. Also it’s new!

acro feels more expensive and is not vibey

Not sure what more expensive feels like, but the Butcher is more my style and wasn’t vibey at all. Plus I prefer the blasted finish over a polished one. It’s all personal preference in the end though so people are bound to disagree which is “best”.

Maybe I’m the only one with the vibey butcher.
When I look at it, it’s not vibey, but when I put my finger on it, it vibes…