Best yoyo under $75


I’m an intermediate yoyo we and I want to upgrade from my shutter so I can try new shapes I was looking at the yoyofactory superstar and the yoyo officer shift but I don’t really mind just as its under $75


This isn’t going to help but I have a Superstar coming this week. You’re welcome.


Correct, that won’t help at all.

However, this will: if you want a good bimetal for $75, the Shift is a really good choice.

If you want to spend way less and want a good monometal, get a Kilter 2.

However, if you want an in between yoyo, grab either a Yoyofficer Urban or a YYF Aluminium Dream.


I also already have a kilter


Try the One Drop Benchmark series or the up coming Marquis. Those are in the $50 to $60 range.


I recommend trying a Gauntlet or a 2016 Benchmark O both from One Drop if you want to try a different shape from the Shutter on a quality yoyo at a very good price.


I’ll hope to get a marquis but what shop should I get it from



Hmm. You are on a forum owned by a website that is going to sell the yoyo :thinking: crazy idea. Yoyoexpert

(Rock Shouse) #10

You can always try the Top Deck by One Drop? Just to throw that out, I saw the Guantlet has been mentioned…so


I really think the 44RPM Rhythm is a crazy underrated yoyo. As an added bonus, it is enough under $75 to leave you with enough left over to buy some nice string :slight_smile:


What he said.


Hmm I’m undecided I missed out on a marqui because I was at school but the benchmarks look pretty cool


Recess diplomat? Great throw and in the price range. 7075 is a plus goo