Have a hard time deciding what to get.

Haven’t play for many years and want to get a new yoyo to play for a long time. I know how to bind and some trick. My budget is 80-120. What should I get? A high-end metal? A bi-metal? what you recommend?

The Superstar is great for its price… And you can get an additional $50 Shutter if you’d like.

Superstar is below my budget do you have something better in mind?

The great thing about yoyos in the recent years is that you can get amazing quality for very little price. The national yoyo contest was won with a $16 yoyo by gentry stein! Price no longer is the only contribution to finding a quality yoyo. The higher price now is for premiums. I would recommend getting something lower price to begin with and moving up later. A few recommendations:
Too hot
2016 superstar

for your “first” get a shutter or Superstar 2016. get your dings out of the way with those, then move to a higher end.

Well, the pulse fire is in your price range. Right now it is my favorite. It seems like it would be a little too expensive if you haven’t yoyoed in a long time. I would get a shutter, and see if you still enjoy yoyoing before wasting 80-120 dollars. Then look at high end metals, and bimetals.

I would never recommend anyone to ‘get their dings out’ on a bimetal. A ring could very easily be displaced.

SUperstar is differnt than most bimetals. Namely its cost. Its “below his budget” so he could easily get 2. Stainless STEEL does give additional protection from gouges as well. I use Superstar fro my 5A learning. Ive dropped it ALOT, and its still glass smooth. For a cheap bimetal, yeah, ding away! Its a yoyo. its ok.

Yeah the rings on the superstar would require a lot to dislodge them.
If you had one and hit it quite a few times you’d see what we mean haha. Superstar 16 would make a great beginners metal.

Even if it’s below your budget, it’ll outplay (or at least be just as good)a lot of yoyos that cost more. It’s a fantastic full sized Yoyo.