Recommend a Bi-Metal under $100

I’ve been looking at Bi-metal yoyos lately and was hoping to get some recommendations. I can’t justify spending more than $100 on a yoyo so please keep it under this range. I’ve been looking at the magicyoyo stealth for its price. I’ve also been looking at the edge and nightmare, the edge more so.

Has anyone tried the stealth? What other yoyos in this price range would you recommend"

Haven’t tried the stealth, I have tried the edge, and I liked it but it was a tad wide. It was harder to do more technical tricks, but was easier to hit poppy tricks. I would reccomend the bimetal superstar, pretty good yoyo. Not the biggest bimetal fan tho…

I recently bought a Nightmare, and I like it. Likewise an Edge, and some of the standard colors are less than $100 (the more elaborate colors are around $119). I’ve seen some Edges for $89.

Also recently picked up a General Yo Legato for $95 - very good. I’ve heard very good things about the bi-metal Superstar.

The Stealth is actually an amazing throw, a serious bang for the buck.Would highly recommend as a first bimetal at the lovely price of a normal mid-range mono-metal. It’s 7075 aluminum as well.

I’d say magicyoyo katana. It may seem a little odd at first but from the one I’ve tried it’s solid.

Iyoyo steel is very nice. The gold rims make it the most visually pleasing yoyo I have. Very stable also.

Some colors are polished and may not grind as well.

Can anybody compare the steel to the firrox? Like the difference between them?

I still think super star 2016 is a steal for the price and I feel plays in a level beyond what its cost may imply.

Seems like a lot of people like the superstar. For $75.00 that should like a good deal.

I hadn’t heard of the Firrox until you mentioned it but that looks solid too. It’s on sale now for $80 so that might be my best option"

I’m still leaning toward the stealth because every review I’ve seen says it’s quality and for $55 it’s dirt cheap.

What are your guys opinion between the 3 of these?

I have only played the superstar so the rest is speculation. I would go with the Firrox. It looks to have much beefier rims than the superstar, which would add to the stability. The superstar was nice but you aren’t going to be like “woah, this is a bimetal!” Maybe you don’t want that, but if you are going to pay the money, might as well get a good feel for bimetals. I have no idea about the stealth. Haven’t heard enough about it. I always wanted one when I wasn’t willing to spend $100 on a bimetal yoyo (which was before they came out, when they had the hilarious logo set up). I would assume they would all be great choices but personally I would go with a Firrox, especially if you can get if for $80 like you said.

I’ve been doing some more research and believe I’m going to get one of the 99 dollars yoyofactory yoyos. These would be the edge, the space cadet, and the nightmare.

Unfortunately there’s not a lot of comparison reviewsbetween the 3. What do you guys think? I’m leaning towards the space cadet because I like the center indent for finger spins. I also see a lot of people giving praise to the edge though because of its width and versatility. The nightmare also seems solid too.

I ended up buying the edge. Should be in sometime this week. Can’t wait to try it out