Bi metal yoyos


I am torn I want to get my first bi metal yoyo, but idk
Superstar, Igloo, Blizzard or VK slusny?

(also any other color ways coming soon?)


I have only tried the superstar out of the three, but I think it is a nice bimetal. Personally one I think that is worth mentioning that is in your price rang though is the 2sickyoyo knight. Great yoyo! :slight_smile:


The Igloo was my first bi metal return top, and it is UH MAY ZING!
Very smooth, fast, stable and looks really nice.
You can’t go wrong with either the Blizzard or Igloo IMO :slight_smile:


I’m going to second the 2sick Knight. The design is unique and plays extremely well

(Spinworthy Glen) #5

Go with a cheaper bimetal if you aren’t sure whether you like them yet. Dont spend more than $100 for sure.

The Yoyofficer Rave is an exceptional bimetal in the $100 range.


If you don’t mind spending $100-110, the iYoyo Firrox is worth checking out (That’s the yoyo in my avatar if you are wondering what the Firrox looks like). For me, while it’s great for rocking out my latest tricks, it’s also a great throw to learn and experiment with as it holds its spin and keeps its plane locked in place while I take my sweet time figuring out my next move.