Yoyo factory Budget Metals Showdown

Ok, if you guys had to pick one of these budget yyfs, what one would you choose and why? The list is: Horizon, Shutter, CZM8, G-funk, DV888 and Cypher.

G funk I just love. Its shape is a tad uncomfortable with wide fingers, but I love it nonetheless. the finish is not good for grinds but is stunning to look at. pure performance, the shutter, horizon or cypher outclass it, mainly because of the size.

Have you played the Cypher or the Horizon?

The answer is simple. TOOHOT.

I’d be hard pressed to choose between my Shutter, Horizon and Cypher? I mean, how do I feel like playing today?

The shutter is a beast on the string, and stable as anything I’ve seen. As is the horizon, which can also fingerspin like an 80’s break dancer.

And my cypher, after throwing it once to test throw it before posting it on my BST, I didn’t throw anything else for a straight week and hardly put it down till I got my horizon in the mail.

You’ve posed an unanswerable question to me.

Worlds Cypher was the best $30-35 I ever spent on the BST. Alien Galaxy Shutter was the best $50ish I ever spent on the BST. Didn’t care for the G-Funk and haven’t thrown the others listed but a person could own a Cypher or Shutter and never need another yoyo ever.

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You are a gentleman and a scholar! Go to my stable and take my best steed for thyself.

These three are really good. I have a Shutter, but it broke (see my BST), I threw multiple Horizons at GA States, and I own a Cypher (that I don’t really throw too much because I love my Super G and Summit).

Despite yoyoing for almost 4 years, I haven’t played a shutter. It’s either a shutter or horizon. I’d probably like the horizon better, but I already have one, sooo…

This is a toughie. But, it’s one of the reasons YoyoFactory is my favorite now. There are so many great options at great prices. I have Shutter, Horizon, TooH.O.T., GFunk, Cypher, CZM8 and DV888. They are all so different, that it’s hard to choose one.

I’m not too into the undersized or oversized these days, so I eliminated Horizon, GFunk and DV888 right away. CZM8 is a machine, but not really the shape or feel that I typically go for. That leaves Shutter, Cypher and Too H.O.T. Cypher is a tad light for my tastes, although it is so good. :-\ I’ve been throwing that all week. Between Shutter and TooH.O.T., I think TooH.O.T. does it the most for me. Shutter has the most variety of looks and blast, but TooH.O.T. is a much better feel for me overall, and I love the shape and weight of it.

Winner for me…TooH.O.T.

^ For those reading, his question is in the second to last line. :wink: I see what happened there.

You can buy Too.H.O.T. later this month. It will sell for about $50 here at YoyoExpert. I’m hoping it will drop the same date as the YoyoFactory U.S.A. Collection, October 17th.

good catch

I’m waiting for my shu-ta and horizon in the mail right now. Since it kinda relates back to this thread, which one will I be playing more?

CZM8 and Shutter! CZM8 because its color is the best

I have played all that youve mentioned. only one I own is a g-funk. I don’t plan on buying any of the others any time soon. I like smaller throws and the g-funk is the best undersized I’ve tried. and yes, I prefer it over the werrd minute.

Thanks, I really liked the prototype too H.O.T., but I wasn’t looking for a new throw when the limited release came out. Do you know how it compares with the Horizon?

Hmmm. Tough decision for me. I own 5 of them: Shutter, CZM8, Cypher, Horizon, and Popstar.

The CZM8 is probably my least favorite. I gave my Shutter to my sister, it’s not really my style either but I did like the play much more than the CZM8. Popstar is fun, but isn’t an all-star performer obviously.

The Cypher and Horizon have me stumped. I really like them both. But I think I’d have to pick the Horizon, as it’s more versatile. The Cypher plays amazingly, and is probably my smoothest throw, but it doesn’t have an inner rim for grinds, and the hub isn’t finger spin friendly like the Horizon.