$180 to spend, looking to pick up 2 to 3 good throws... make some recommendations please!

I’ve luckily had some money back from upgrading my phone contract, so looking to treat myself to 2-3 new throws. Currently have around $180 including UK delivery.

I’m not a competitive player, but a reasonably ok amateur… current favourite throws are my POM Draupnir, Chopstick Gorilla and my Peregrine… But open to any good yoyo suggestions.

Shawn exploder? @PendingThrows24


Would definitely agree!!


Instead of three so-so yo-yo’s; why not get one awesome throw?

OD Draupnir
Chopsticks Gorilla


I already own a Chopstick Gorilla, but would like a OD Draupnir


For the money, I’d steer you towards a Duncan Grasshopper GTX instead of an OD Draupnir. Don’t get me wrong, the OD Draupnir is an excellent yoyo, but I think that the Grasshopper GTX is just as good for a lot less money.

I’d also recommend a couple of relatively inexpensive monometals as recommendations as well:

  • C3 Bastet II
  • C3 Cyber Crash

I agree! Even though I believe that @YoyoGeezer the OD Draupnir is so good, It’s so nerve-racking to play with as well. I am always concerned and scared playing with it so even though I believe it’s so good, I would not get it if I only had 180 to spend. (I actually already dinged it sadly. It was scary)

The Grasshopper GTX is so good for the price. It has far less vibe than an Edge Beyond and it feels kind of floaty but also insanely powerful and stable at the same time.

The specs are very normal and the yo-yo itself fits very nice in my hand due to those normal specs and its organic-ish shape.

The binds are tight and it feels really comfortable with this set up: (imo)

YYSL Plutonium String

CBC YYF Red pads 19 mm

Center Trac Bearing


i totally agree on this. the grasshopper gtx is and will always be on my top 5 throws !!! btw i also found out that if you keep the yoyo with stock parts and put on some YYSL kapow string it will play beautifully !!! binds are nice and snappy and it doesn’t really snag at all so its a really nice setup im enjoying at the moment. and one last thing sry :sweat_smile: in a bit more detail what pads did you mention in your setup ??


They are right here:

I actually just got 5 pairs of the pro red today!

Will try the Kapow eventually, but I usually get strings when I’m in severe need of them. I just got some strings today, but will try someday! :wink:


Check out OneDrop Intro!

Might be just enough different than what you have. Such a good little organic.
And…. It can take a good beating. :slight_smile:


Based on the yoyos that you’ve enjoyed, I would recommend the OneDrop Aitch and a YoYoFriends Hummingbird.

Other yoyos that you may like but I have not played with are the Mowl Vigilancia, the YYWS Redacted, YoYoFriends Sunbird and the iYoYo Iceberg Classic (V1 not V2).

If you can find one, the 7075 Mowl Surveillance is also a great addition to your collection.


Do you have an outlier 2 yet?


Nope… worth it?

If I had $180 to spend on yoyos, right this minute, I would add a couple of One Drops to my collection and call it a day.

That’s just me though :wink:


Any specifically? Never thrown a One Drop


Oh man… never… thrown… a… :grimacing:

Depends on what you can find, really. I haven’t tried one yet that I didn’t love. I have a Top Deck, Legendary Terrarian, Dang 2, and a Rev 1. All of which are amazing and have their own personalities, but may not be easily found. I suggest just finding one you like the looks and specs of and going for it. YYE has a few different models in stock and there are more out there in other stores or the BST if you’re willing to hunt.

The Terrarian or Legendary Terrarian is a good choice and they just restocked those in a few places. There are still some Rebirths out there and that has been getting a lot of hype around here lately. Personally, I’d probably grab a Rebirth and an Aitch since they’re both a little different from what I already have.


There’s a thread or two about “which OD is best”. Lots of opinions in there, but mine: Lunar Eclipse and Free Solo.


Second the Free Solo recommendation! Best price to performance ratio yoyo period IMO… If I were you OP, I’d grab @Mhoodlum’s Free Solo that @Lido posted up above before it’s gone. It’s so good I have three!


Im not always a fan of Saturday Market, but that Free Solo rocks!