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Hey guys,

I’m returning to throwing and have been looking at some recommendation posts for yoyos. I currently own a CLYW Chief, CLYW Sasquatch, and G2 nessie. I’m looking for a well-rounded yoyo that’s both fun and performs well. I’m going to buy a Markmont Classic, but I’m looking for another throw to add to the purchase, preferably under or around $100. Here are some of the yoyos I was already looking at, so please let me know what you would recommend of these throws, or if you have any other recommendations!
Duncan Grasshopper GTX
YYF Meerkat
OneDrop Legendary Terrarian
Turning Point Recommendations
YoyoRecreation recommendations
SFYoyos recommendations

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One Drop Rev 1 is a really great throw that does everything well.


Though I haven’t personally played one…I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Grasshopper GTX. A lot of people say it’s one of their faves.

If you like pink (the only color in stock atm) there’s also the 2sickyoyos Endgame which is a performance driven beast.

The One Drop Kuntosh 5000QV is worth consideration too I think. It comes in a ton of cool colors too!

Are you open to getting second hand yos through buy/sell/trade? You could try to hunt down a G2 (G Squared) Banshee. Such an amazing yoyo!


The Grasshopper GTX is an excellent choice. The only other bi-metal that I consider to be its equal in terms of price/performance ratio is the TopYo Dominator (which is about $5 less expensive).

If you’re looking for another monometal to complement the Markmont Classic, I would enthusiastically recommend any of the following One Drops:

  • VTWO
  • Top Deck
  • Rev.1
  • Kuntosh 5000QV

All of those are stellar performers; it really comes down to shape preference.