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Hey guys!

So I have about 150 to spend on a yoyo and I can’t decide. Do you guys have any recommendations? I just want to hear what you guys think are some really good yoyo’s in that price range based on your own preferences.


Brace yourself for recommendations of every CLYW throw ever made XD Personally, in that price range, I like the Gen Yo M10 and the Werrd Irony JP.


Every yoyo above $20 is amazing, with some below that price range also great.

Pick what one looks cool, and start having fun. It’s 2014, not 2007 :wink:

It’s my opinion that the C3 “Krown” is probably the nicest YoYo that they have produced so far.
I was really impressed with how well it has turned out.

That’s my recommendation.

Shutter, CZM8, and tooHOT proto add up to $141.97. Why have one when you can have three?

From everything I have read on these forums, the happiest campers are those who have a CLYW throw. If you want to go another way I suggest spending your $150 by getting a YoYoFactory model, a C3 model and a YoYofficer Model and have three new yoyo’s.

I was actually looking at the wooly marmot 2

Could probably get a pretty decent peak on BST/ebay for that if you’re interested. What are your preferences size, size, shape, etc? Could pick up a YYR for that, or a turning point. G2 restock just hit YYE too

you should probably just buy a ton of stuff off the bst… like mine lol jk, but seriously go deal hunting and get a ton of great stuff.

Best ive tried: triton, cliff, canvas, bonfire, model 10, prestige

whats the triton like?

The Tenyoyo bebop is magnificent.;topic=58134.0
Great review here

I agree with Nardcopter. Why get one overpriced yoyo when you can have two or three new yoyos that play almost just as great? I just got a Yoyofficer Hatchet, and boy is it amazing! I’ve also heard a lot about the Tenyoyo Bepop. Both of those add up to like $130, so I’d personally recommend getting those two.

I’ve heard great things about the hatchet as well. The bebop plays just as well as my canvas and was half the price.

Triton, Bebop, Irony JP 2k13, Yoyomonster Checkmate, and Something Angle