Recommendations for throws have a price limit of $190

Don’t need help anymore. I just ordered a Purple Mountain Majesty thanks to SkyHighYo telling me a place and didn’t cost me a cent more than the original price(:

Large diameter, VERY good sleeper, and extremely handsome.

I meant something playable not a yoyo that rolls off your hands and sleeps for 10 minutes

*30 minutes.

Get it right please.

In all seriousness though, it’s really hard to make any good recommendations if you don’t provide a little more detail on where you’re coming from. I see that you listed a few throws that you’re eyeing at, but without more information on your preference, all I can say is “they’re good throws.”

Anything full metal above $49.99 for the most part will handle all of your needs. Even stuff in lower prices works too.

I can’t see anything wrong with most of your choices. The H5xChief is a model I’m not interested in. The Puffin is kinda small, but it’s 54.43mm in diameter, so you’ll be fine with it. The AC and Chief are full sized while the Cluff is over-sized. My Cliff is arriving today. The Code1 and Code2 are also fine choices, with the Code2 being more in trend right now.

The best thing for sleep times are a good throw. Without a straight throw and clean play technique, no yoyo can help you.

Other models to consider:
RecRev Facade and Freq. Wave. Burnside is sweet too. I hear good things about the Capless but I don’t have one yet. All these are under $100 and play just absolutely amazing, easily up there in the $100+ range stuff, just not costing that kind of money.

The C3YoYoDesign Trident is another to consider. Square Wheels Royale, G2 Nessie and Albatross, as well as the AL7 Albatross. There’s the Eternal Throw Victory, and the RaYoYo Chupacabra. There are also so many others.

I think we might need more information to help dial it in.

Spyy El Ranchero, you will not regret this purchase. It’s absolutely amazing!


Destroys anything I’ve ever used.

My best thrown of all time, Sleipnir
Was BRUTALLY destroyed by this thing.
I swear, you will love it

Go away. I don’t like you.


I take my word back. In absence of sufficient information, there is only two (instead of one) possible answers we can provide: a vague acknowledgement that the listed choices are all good choices, and zealous, single-sided recommendation of one’s favorite throw. None of which are constructive.

Code 2

Really? So, a Cliff is a superior yoyo to the Sleipnir? I hope you are right.

A more realistic comparison might be a YYR Clash though. You are comparing a 59mm to a 56mm. Not a fair comparison for spin-momentum.

If the Cliff is so great - why are there still some available days after the first-drop? This would have been unheard of in the good-old-days when all CLYW yo-yos were instant classics the moment they released. Now they seem to be instant BST - for a hefty $165.

Those are the colorways people tend not to like quite as much.

When someone lists a budget, do we feel that we should recommend stuff that eats up the entire budget?

I’m glad the OP for this thread listed a budget as well as models they are interested in. The inclusion of preferences or likes would have been useful.

I don’t feel the need to recommend models at the budget limit. This year, 2012, so many amazing yoyos came out, many at what I feel are an extreme mismatch when we do a price/performance comparison.

Also, this needs to be moved to help/recommendations.

Purple Mountain Majesty.

I do believe I know a place with 1 left. PM me


Di Base!!!

YoYoFactory Yuuksta or Boss

Code 2! It’s every but as good (if not better) as the Chief, cheaper, and more versatile. One of the best competition throws out there in my opinion.

I have a chief aswell as a code 2, and I cannot agree with this.
The chief is just too good.