Should i buy a Proton?


i was thinking of buying this yoyo since it looks like a TP Positron and i always wanted to try/have one however is the proton anywhere close to the positron and what is your opinion on it? Is it bad,good.


I’ve had a Positron for a while and got to try a proton this weekend. The Proton and Positron have similar shapes but feel completely different. I’m not entirely sure what they’re made of, but they feel like different metals.
The Positron definitely out-sleeps the Proton (it better considering it cost $100 more). I found the Positron to sleep a decent amount longer (I’ve gotten 2+ minute combos out of mine with no regens) and it was more stable.
The Proton feels more floaty on the string than the Positron in my opinion. The Positron feels like it was built more for speed.

So, while the Proton and Positron look the same, they’re almost polar opposites in play. I did really enjoy the Proton though and would highly recommend it. It’s definitely one of YYFs better throws.


As far as I know the Positron is made of 7075 which, because it’s denser, should make it feel more solid.


The Proton is a YYF I’ve been considering. This isn’t changing my thoughts towards purchasing it. It is affecting my thoughts regarding it. I was expecting it to be more like my Positron at a discount, but of course with a price reduction would be some performance issues. I don’t have a problem with floaty.


I suspect most of the reduction in price would be due to the manufacturing of the Proton being done in China as opposed to Japan for the Positron. Anyway, I do own both and agree with Brian’s assessment. That said, I actually prefer the Proton to the Positron.



Interesting what the difference in material can make even though the proton and positron have very similar specs…thanks everyone i think i will buy one and hopefully be able to try out a positron in the future so i can see the difference for myself.


I’m pretty sure Turning Point are all made from the same 6061 as the Proton but don’t quote me on that.



Specs don’t really describe weight distribution.

I’m gonna bump up the Proton on my wants list. I can get my YYJ wants “whenever”.

I like my Positron. Super happy with it. Even if the Proton is slower and floaty, I don’t see that being an issue. Neither are my preferred v-shapes, but I am enjoying the Positron a lot.


It’s a bit slower but by no means slow. Kind of like comparing a Phenom with caps and one without.



The Proton can certainly handle both fast and slow play. I’d say that $105 is a fair price for it. I liked it more than the Avant Garde and Superstar.