YoyoJoker Luminous(?), Solenoids and a bunch of other questions.

Got a bunch of questions for you guys, so yeah

1)Does anyone here own one of these bad boys? Or, have tried it? I need some input
Trying to decide between getting a Luminous or a Solenoid xD

2)And I realised another thing, there isn’t any Solenoid reviews out there :confused: Someone mind doing one?
How goes the Solenoid? is it really that heavy? Does it play fast?

  1. YYF Proton vs TP Positron
    Is the extra $50 really worth a Positron? Or did YYF x Kentaro do a better job at that price? I realised that a good bunch of people were using Protons at EYYC this year. Haha.

  2. Any other Japanese-made throws that’re worth getting? I’ve been using the Sleipnir for a few months and wonder if I should get another one, or try a few more other Japanese throws before ‘settling’ on one XD

So yeah, I think that’s about it for now (: Thanks guys!


You have to wait a while, not 2 hours.

I haven’t tried any, but I personally think the Proton would be better. A cross between YYF and Turning point= a Positron Protostar basically.

I prefer the Positron to the Proton (I own both) but I’m not entirely sure if I like it enough to make it worth the extra $50. In any case, I like my Solenoid better than my Positron. It’s a slightly slower and slightly more stable Positron. You’ll definitely feel the weight at the end of the string but it’s not like a brick, nor does it have that characteristic snap at the end of the throw.

Can’t really tell you much at all about the Luminous.

As for other Japanese throws I’d recommend, it really depends on your preferences. If you’ve got the money and like something mid-sized, the ANGLAM is fantastic. The Anglam CC version is also very very good. Slightly larger and beefier.