Turning Point

Hey everybody, I really want to try a Turning Point throw but not to sure which one to try. The ones that stand out for me are the Positron, Leviathan I, II or III or the Solenoid. I know that’s a big choice so yeah if anybody could tell me which Turning Point throws you’ve tried and which one stands out the most! I’m a fan of CLYW’s if that helps with what I like to throw.

Currently own a Positron, Solenoid and Levi 2. All great solid throws. The Positron and the Leviathan are a bit zippier than the Solenoid which is a tiny bit more stable. Of the three, my pick would be the Solenoid (if you can find the 1.1 version, it’s got a slightly deeper response recess which makes it a little less bitey on binds). Between the Leviathan and the Positron, I’d lean towards the Levi if you want something a bit more fun and the Positron if you’re looking for a serious competition throw.


I have a solinoid and I love it very stable, it’s a blast to throw, and it’s pritty beautiful, well all tp’s are

I have a Positron. Unfortunately, that’s the only Turning Point I have.

That’s a fast, well balanced and stable yoyo. Wow. It was a model I was interested in and when there was a sale I could take advantage of, it was a good move to do so. I’ve been very happy with this yoyo.

So it looks like its between the Positron and the Solenoid. Most likely the Solenoid. Also which finish is better the Blast finish or the other finish? I don’t grind usually.

What about the MaxBet?

Haven’t played a Max Bet before. The polished finish looks better in my opinion, especially in bright sun light. It’s absolutely terrible for grinding unless you’re wearing a glove. That said, if you don’t plan on grinding at all, get whichever you think looks better. Doesn’t really effect play at all other than on grinds.