Turning Point leviathan


I’ve been eyeing the Leviathan 1 and 2 any body know anything on them?


I have played the 2 and owned the 3. They are EXCELLENT yoyos. Smooth and stable and VERY well made. I have yet to throw a 1 though. I have to say though that of all the Japanese yoyo companies they are my favorite. The shape and specs of the Leviathan series are very “comfy” for me. The Positron and RT are two more Turning Point yoyos that I have owned and really enjoyed them both.


For the most part I’ve disliked the Turning Points I’ve played. Though I’ve only tried the Levi2, Positron, and Max Bet. They all played too heavy for my tastes.

But if you’re looking for ultra-stability, you can’t do much better than Turning Point.


I’ve used a Leviathan 3 and currently own a positron, solenoid, Leviathan 2, and RT. If you’re looking at Turning Point (I highly recommend them), I would go with the Positron or Solenoid over the Leviathan 2. The Leviathan 2 is great, but the Solenoid and Positron are noticeably better.
Between the Positron and Solenoid, I’m not really sure I would pick. I prefer the feel of the Solenoid but my Positron has a better sleep time. The Solenoid feels a little better on the string, but the Positron plays faster. If you’re looking for something more floaty, go with the Solenoid. The Positron feels like a rock on the string (which I actually like since I have a fast style).

I’ll probably actually be writing some reviews for the Positron, Solenoid, and Leviathan 2 a little later tonight or tomorrow since I haven’t really seen many for them.