wich is better

do you guys think i should get leviathan 4 or positron 2

I doubt most people have tried both.
What’s your style like?
Preferences? How long have you been throwing?
Etc. then we can help you make your choice!

I’ve been through inch 4 6 years and consider my self a advanced player I’ve tied the position 2 and the lev 3 not the 4 I like the shape of both titis

I like you that feals smooth annd flowy on the string but can still handle speed.
My fave yoyo is the c3 crown cause its extremely floaty, but reanes staple and good for horizontal

Lev 3 and Positron 2.
Okay, Sorry haha, The Original post said 4.
Well, You said flowy fast and floaty on the string, and you love the C3 Krown.
Hmm, Well the lev 3 is solid and fast.
and the positron 2 i would assume is large and fast.
Most TP yoyos have a hard hitting solid feel, not necessarily floaty, or flowy.

I Would probably Say Positron 2, but don’t expect it to be similar to the Krown.
The Positron, is very solid, and fast. No float at all.
So I Would expect the Positron 2 to be similar, just more stable, and hard spinning, due to the improved distribution of weight.

No I either want to get a leviathan 4 or positron 2

I was saying I have tried the positron 2 I narrowed it from a friend and I own a leviathan 3
I like them both, wich do you recommend out of leviathan 4 and positron 2

Sorry to be unclear (just got a iPhone and spell check messes me up

Well, That’ts annoying xD

In that case, I’d Still lean towards the Positron 2.
But The Lev 4 is probably lighter feeling, if that means anything to you.

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Omg wilson, you have everything xD

Nope, I’ve tried em a while ago, I don’t have em