Sorry I made this poll a couple of times, I have $180 cad, so I’ll have to save money for clyw, and lev6, palp.
Looking for a comp/ fun(not necessarily) yoyo.
If it’s good then I like it, but float is good.
Have heard that I should get positron 2/ palpitation.
Please vote.

EDIT 1: added paranoid
EDIT 2: removed palpitation, too much votes

Just ordered leviathan 5 but it hasnt come yet, so i cannot tell. Both brand oroduce very good products, cant go wrong between all of those. Choose the one that catch your eyes. :slight_smile:

This is my opinion for TP yoyo, if you like undersize throws, go for the Leviathan series, if you like normal size throws, go for the Palpitation, or the Position to save money. I have the Levi6 and the Pal, to me those feel same, but different size. :slight_smile:

So mid : lev 5/lev6
And full: positron 2/ palpitation
Second choice is a bi metal version so need money, but I could buy positron 2 or lev 5 right now.


puffin 2 < lev 6?

lev 6 == positron 2?

just get a positron and a puffin they both start with a p

need more money to do that

So I should get a positron 2, right?

Added paranoid, I have heard its response wears really fast…

you mean like $2 is totally more important than $140

Well in the long run it can start to accumulate…

more so than other yoyos?