Positron Vs Leviathan 2

So, I know the specs are somewhat different
But what about play wise?
It seems no one reviews these yoyos!
And compare these 2 to a Maxbet if possible?

I just got a Leviathan 2 and I love it! It’s midsize and can handle all my combos. It’s very speedy and excels at horizontal. I haven’t played a Positron but I believe its oversized and its Koh’s throw. He recommends the Positron more but both are fantastic throws!

Is it soild or floaty?

It’s sort of inbetween, it feels solid but it glides across the string like it was floaty.


Both are really amazing players, but I would suggest le LevII too, because it feels way more comfortable in the hand.

Ahh, I’m guessing the Positron is more solid competition grade
And the LevII is more fun but still equally high quality?

no, they both offer the same quality, both can be easily used in competition.

I believe its more like do you want a midsized or oversized throw.

Oh so just size difference?
That’s all?

When you get down to it yes. I’ve never used a Positron so noaki could give a better input then me.

Basically, put a CT in one of these and you’re ready to rock anything ;D

I usually prefer full/oversize throws, but I really couldn’t get used to the Positron (maybe I felt uncomfortable because of my big fingers)

But they can both go fast, handle horizontal very well, and are very stable.
It would be wrong to say that they play the same, but if you’re just looking for performing yoyos, either the Positron or the Lev II will be awesome. So yeah, I would say it’s more a matter of what size you would feel the most comfortable with.

Isn’t this one of the best problems to have? which freakishly awesome throw should i buy? i love these kind of problems!

I would go with the Positron because if you are into trading, you’ll be able to trade for more with the positron than with the Lev2