PHENOM vs. Leviathan 2





Leviathan 2. Phenom felt awkward for me

(Brandon1) #3

What are your preferences? Do you like big/small yoyos? Do you like heavy/light yoyos? etc.


big and heavy and spin time and good shape :stuck_out_tongue:

(Brandon1) #5

Then in that case, I’d get a Phenom if I were you: It’s fullsized, heavy, has epic spin-times, and the shape [I’ve heard] is favorable; especially for horizontal(s).

The Leviathan, on the other hand, is “small for a fullsized yoyo” (if that makes any sense), and on the floatier end of the spectrum. Hope this helped.


The phenomizm is a bit weird to me and a little on the light side for me(preferance). But the leviathan 2 is just an all around great yoyo.


I get a Phenom Levi 2 is too expensive and its not worth(I think) More VOTE please :smiley:


I just ordered a Phenom and should have it by the end of the week.

Leviathan 2 is too expensive for me for now.
(Read this as: I don’t feel like spending that kinda dough on a throw, ya know!)


more vote please! :smiley: bump!


Get a Positron. Even Marcus Koh says it’s way better.