Turning Point Leviathan 2- review


[personal point of view on turning point, i’m not making a point nor pointing out anything…point…lol]
note: i was going to recieve a TP levithan2 Orange Beadblasted in a week, but wth.

[u]Tunring Point : Leviathan 2 review

Yoyo type: Fast
Weight 67.4g
Width 42.8mm
Diameter 53.1mm
Gap Width 4.81mm
Stock Response: Turning Point K-pads
Bearing: Large (Size C) [/u]

Turning Point’s famous line of Yoyo the Leviathan series by World Champion Kentaro Kimura has seen many variations of itself: the Leviathan, Leviathan Albinos, Leviathan 2, Leviathan 3, Leviathan 3.1, and lastly : Leviathan 4β.

As to why the Leviathan names this series of throw, Kentaro Kimura will reply:

This is funny, it kinda keeps a certain “mystical aspect” to these throws. Now let’s not make you wait any longer: here’s the real stuff. Is Turning Point for you? What’ so special about those throws?

-Leviathan 1 was known to be “ a perfect throw”,
-the 2nd version is supposed to be a faster version of it,
-the 3rd is heavier, thus losing speed but gaining a little stability.
-The lastest 4rth (beta) release of the Leviathan is said to have the same specs of the Leviathan2 but changed weight redistribution. In any case, all of those are incredible perfect throws, Leviathan 2 being THE fastest among any of these: ask Marcus Koh!

In hand, this beast feels like a beast. A terrible one. The anodization is out of this world, Japanese craftsmanship being responsible for one of the highest possible quality with 6061 aluminium. This monster looks well rounded, and it DOES look rounded, but get your finger to feel those “rounded parts” and you’ll feel edges…a lot of them. That’s right, the round aspect that shapes this yoyo is actually hiding a monster made of angles and unexpected turns…well, this IS a“turning point” throw! No doubt, this monster is worth it’s price just by the build and look of it but how does it play? At this Price point of yoyo, we don’t even talk about Spin times or instability…so what do we talk about?


On string, you could expect it being either a bit heavy or too floaty, it’s none. Incredibly enough, this is the only yoyo I’ve played which can claim to do what it does: play Floaty and Solid! It will take anything you throw at it, any speed you can wish for, it’ll follow without questions.

Normally, when purchasing Hi end throws, you expect some character into it, some kinda feel that you’ll love! Well then, what could justify this throw to be even more expensive than your usual CLYW and have a bland character? And it’s bland alright! You’ll feel nothing! There is NO character to this throw! Do NOT get fooled by the name of this Yo-Yo, Leviathan is a monster from the Bible, but unlike Beybalde, it won’t pop out when this spins! And no you don’t need to shout “LEVIAAAAATHAN” “I sumon youuuuu!” or anything, it doesn’t work(tested that out for you), this throw is bland. Tasteless.

And that tasteless feel has a price to it, justified by its insanely good build quality and incredible response. Turning Point don’t just offer you a Yoyo that will tell you what to do, how to play, and will leave you thinking: that yoyo plays amazing!


Leviathan 2 delivers a quality beyond that! After throwing this, you’ll feel ether good or bad, because this monster will point out all you’re made of, be it good or bad, if you do ****, it’ll let you know. It won’t tell you what to do, because you’re going to do that to the Leviathan, and it’ll reflect anything you give it. I’ll say it once: Turning Point throws are COMPETITION throws, not to be taken lightly, they are NOT your everyday throw, or “once in a while showoff yoyo” , these things are Monsters that will TAKE OUT your opponents. 200$ for these is perfectly justified (unlike some other overpriced companies…). Holding one side by side with anything under 150$ and you’ll literally explode of laugh. Only a Japanese Competition throw can compare to another. It makes CLYW looks like a beaten up piece of chunk. TP runs in a whole other world.

(CLYW Avalanche Clareview Station)

Now that doesn’t mean everyone will like it, oh no! it’s NOT for everyone, not everyone can afford these, certainly NOT everyone needs one, and even you can pass those two conditions: are you really good enough for one? This throw won’t teach you anything…it’ll show how good or bad you are. It’ll show it so well that you better be ready to face the truth, or show it proudly.

I added in attachment the photos of the Beadblasted version…It’s crazy how this changes the yoyo, although being the same and playing the same…it like…wow…different. beadblast doesn’t make the yoyo grind a WHOLE lot more unlike what you could think…maybe a second or two more than the ano ver.

You only said thats its good, but how does it play? Regens, Grinds, Horizontal, transactions, chopsticks etc ?

those are more or less “lower end questions” plus you didn’t understand the review well enough, i said this yoyo can handle anything you can…, so of course regens works like a dream, grinds are amazing with the beadblasted version, the regular one not being made for grinds, nonetheless this thing spins so fast even if it’s not the beadblasted ver you can manage some grinds.

Horizontal is no problem for any turning points, Leviathan doesn’t exclude from that, Lev2 was marcus koh’s main throw until he got his positron made…
and …
i don’t do chopsticks XD

edit: added the beadblasted version …this is getting nerdy but meh…

what about leviathan 4? non beta couse i have a choice between leviathan 4 and positron 2