Can someone identify this yoyo? Said to be turning point.

Can someone identify this TP throw? About 54-55 diameter

Looks like a Leviathan II

But look at the edges

I don’t get it. Where did you get it, and how do you not know the name of the yoyo?

I got it from instinct on the forums, he said it is a leviathan 2, but i dont think so. It might be The Turning Point maybe?

Might be a RT.

It’s a leviathan 2

Exactly. They are the same yoyo.



I’m looking.

Really, why are you fussing? It’s probably a Leviathan II, as people have said. If you don’t believe it, then that’s fine. Don’t. But quit stressing over it, because the name of the yoyo isn’t gonna change how it plays, or more importantly, YOU.

My yoyo has one edge. The lev 2 has a total of five, i just wanna know what it is.

On that other note, you are correct. It just frustates me that people are ignoring the obviousness of the differences because they do not know another explanation

It is a leviathan II nuff said.

You don’t need to argue about it…

Not all of the leviathan 2 pictures I just looked at have that second edge. Perhaps there was a slight modification made with different runs.

Post a picture of the insides of the yoyo. It could be a leviathan 1, depending on what kind of pad it uses.

No, you’re right. Sorry if I came off as harsh.

I think it might be a Levi I. I looked for pics of it though, and couldn’t find any…

The pads are brand new :frowning:

Thats just rude. You are asking for help and then getting mad and implying that we are ignorant. I believe that is a Levi 2. Shadows and such greatly effect how a yoyo’s steps look in a photo. It would really be helpful to have a higher quality picture of the yoyo you received. Also, you could have just said “My yoyo looks like it has less steps in the shape than the one pictured” instead of getting mad when no one understood what you meant when you said “Look at the edges”. Also, why not just take peoples word? I mean, the only alternative to it being a Levi 2 is it being a yoyo you didnt arrange to trade for, and isnt that a negative?

Im sorry, my apologies. I didnt mean it that way.

And i guess yes. But i dont want the yoyo i sent him back lol so ima keep this 1

With 19mm pads it’s a leviathan 2.

Hi def photos