Who's That Yo-kémon!

Got this off the BST. The seller thought it was a Leviathan 1. Now that I’ve got it, I can tell it’s not. And frankly, I have no idea what it is.

The Japanese (?) etchings are pretty neat though :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone! Anyone! Tell me what it says!

Oh, but that does look cool! How does it play?

Plays pretty great, actually. Has a ton of float to it. A bit of vibe, though. I switched the bearing, which seemed to help, but the pads got ripped out less than an hour of throwing :-\

And the recess isn’t deep enough to take sili. So finding out what she is is crucial.

Can’t say I’ve ever seen that yoyo before. The rims look like they were polished by hand and the engravings were also most likely done by the owner.

Oh the mods were most definitely done by the owner.

I thought it might be a YYU Mercury, but the nipple is all wrong ???

Maybe the spike was modded?? I mean it looks the same to me.

That is the original leviathan. It was produced before turning point became a full-fledged company, it was more of a 1-off design of kentaro’s. It was the inspiration for the design of the full Leviathan series.

Pretty neat yoyo.

That’s it! Thanks.

I knew I had seen it somewhere.

About the yoyo-

I bought it back in 2008 from YYN as a Turning Point by Turning Point (The first yoyo Kentaro produced). I later “engraved” it with Japanese characters, even later polished the rims, and then sold it due to being frustrated with pads.

It’s funny - I always see this yoyo popping up somewhere. I saw it at worlds last year. Thanks for letting me know who has it now, I think it’s been in four or five people’s hands :slight_smile:

oh, and as for the engravings, I won’t tell you what they mean. Sometimes the mystery is more fun than knowing :slight_smile: