New Turning Point Leviathan 5 & 6!


When Kentaro Kimura designs a yo-yo you know it’s going to be nothing less than amazing, and the next amazing yo-yo in Turning Point’s flagship Leviathan series is the all new Leviathan 5!

The Leviathan 5 was designed to mimic the feel of the previous 4 Light model without the added weight ring. Constructed from solid aluminum, Turning Point had to work really hard to get that same lightweight and rim heavy feel without using a denser weight ring. They went through multiple prototypes and design tweaks, but they finally got the exact feel and weight distribution they were aiming for in the Leviathan 5!

Leviathan 5 is everything we have come to expect from Turning Point. It’s fast, stable, and with the lighter weight and improved weight distribution it’s extremely maneuverable feeling.

Leviathan 5 is available in very limited quantities. With unbeatable performance, beautiful colors and a polished or blasted finish this yo-yo is sure to make it’s way to the top of your collection!

[b]LEVIATHAN 6:[/b]

The latest yo-yo in Turning Point’s flagship Leviathan series is the all new bi-metal Leviathan 6!

The Leviathan 6 was created with the idea of the Leviathan 5 in mind. Turning Point wanted to take that similar feel and play and turn it into a bi-metal design. With size and weight being almost identical to the Leviathan 5 this yo-yo may feel similar in hand, but give it one throw and you’ll feel a completely different yo-yo on the string.

The Leviathan 6 is an absolutely amazing player. It’s faster, more maneuverable, and with the denser stainless steel rings it has way better stability and spin time than any of its predecessors.

Leviathan 6 is available in limited quantities. With the new bi-metal design and that special feel you can only get from Turning Point, this is quickly going to become your new favorite throw!