So..... Turning Point

so turning point released/rereleased a bunch of stuff recently. I was interested in TP for a while now, and i toyed around with buying a TP for a while, i like the tutorials of toshiyotokyo… and he uses a positron all the time.
so i just want to ask about the turning point yoyo´s I m looking at the positron and positron 2, also the leviathan and the basilisk… i just have no idea how they play.
my main throw right now is the barracuda(also like the cascade and summit) and i love it! so maybe some comparison if someone has the ability to? :wink: i would just love if someone can say something about those TP throws so i can maybe get an idea of what to expect, since they are pretty pricey.

thanks guys! :slight_smile:

EDIT: i dont care for horizontal or grinds to much, but i like pretty stable and long spins (important!) thanks :wink:

Turning Point makes extremely high quality, high performance throws. The Positron is one of the best competition oriented yoyos I’ve ever used, yet I can’t come to like it, or any other TP throw I’ve tried for that matter. They don’t seem to have character or soul.

When you buy a YYR (which I feel is a comparable brand), their throws just has a certain “feel” about them, similar to companies like One Drop and CLYW. Based on the few Turning Point yoyos I’ve tried, they seem to be a bit “bland”. That being said, the ones I have used or owned, which include the Positron, Basilisk, and Leviathan 4, are amazing performance yoyos. I just can’t come to enjoy them as I do with other throws.

Remember, this is just my opinion, and many may disagree.