New turning point

I’m about to buy a new turning point yoyo. I was wondering if anyone could recommend either the positron 2 or the prominence. I’m going to buy one of the 2 I’m just not sure which one I should buy. Is one better than the other? If anyone could help me that would be great! :slight_smile:

Can’t tell you between these 2. My favorite is the MaxBet.

I also have 3 great new releases in my BST and highly recommend all 3 of them:
Outsider, Isotope 1.03, Leviathan 4. I find TP to be my second favorite behind YYR.

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Thanks I may get a max bet then. I love turning point and YYR too I just picked up a messiah 2 days ago. :slight_smile:

Maxbet any day of the week and twice on Sunday!!!

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