YoyoRecreation or Turning point?

I have been looking at one of these companies and thought about a messiah or solenoid.
I like yoyos that can be quick, flowy, good for 5a(planing to do 5a but its a small concern), and has soul. I don’t care about size though.

Here come the YYR and TP fanboys…

In all seriousness though, I haven’t had a chance to try a Messiah but I do own a Solenoid. It’s quick enough but it’s not really a speedy throw. If you’re going to go the TP route, the Positron probably fits your preferences a little better. Don’t really play 5A so can’t really tell you much about that but just know that both the Solenoid and Positron are plenty stable (which I believe is especially desirable in a 5A throw, no?).


Haven’t tried the Solenoid!
The Messiah is an undersized beast. Probably the best in its size-class, really.
The Solenoid was made as the more stable, longer spinning brother of the positron, which means that it might not be that fast…

I love my Solenoid. It is probably my favorite all-around TP. To me, it is like the CLYW Avalanche in performance. I am not sure I would compare it to the Messiah though. As you said; the Messiah is small. Maybe the Gleipnir or Sleipnir is a better comparison?

Also, to consider: the YYR Stargeyser is a little powerhouse too.

The positron is quite good, but a little expensive… Did you buy one yet!

It’s in the same price bracket as most TP and YYR throws.


Both. Really hoping to pick up a Turning Point here soon. Their modes of late just look amazing.

Of the yoyorecreations I’ve owned none have really had soul I’d say and I haven’t found one that’s very quick either

Really? Played any of their lighter throws? I feel like some of their heavier throws can be a little lifeless, but that goes for most(all) heavyweights in my experience. My Uragment, Acrophobia, Perfectstar, Overdrive, e=mc2, Clashcube, etc. all feel fairly soulful. As far as quickness goes i’d say plenty do that as well, just watch some of their sponsored players competing, some amazing speed.

In think the “soul” of a yoyo is more about the player than the yoyo. You build a yoyo up in your mind, or a associate it with players or a company you admire and you create the soul.

Personally I find the YYR standard shape pretty boring and until recently almost all their throws had that same profile. Most of them play great though. The standard TP shape is a bit more interesting for me though I don’t find their performance to be anything special, at least not for their premium price.

Everyone should try isotope, really great work from Kentaro.