Is the Positron and High end yoyos like it, worth the money?

I have 250$ and I don’t know whether to buy a high end japanese yoyo or like a supernova,code 2, and compulsion?

I haven’t played a Supernova or least I dont think I have but nivo has a positron and its pretty sweet. Not worth the price but I dont think any yoyo that pricey is. just saying…

I think he expresses well what I would say, but I’m too lazy to type it ;D

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It’s always the same discussion. Yoyos, as any collectible, are worth the price people are ready to pay for. If YYR or TP’s yoyos can be sold out so easily, it means people are ready to pay for them, no matter if they are worth it or not. I’m pretty sure that if they put their prices up to 250, they would still easily sell. It only depends on your opinion, I think there is no “objective” statement about that.

If you think they are worth it, they are. If you don’t think so, then they’re not.

Very True… Seems like there is thread similar to this one day in and day out here and like you said if people are willing to pay those prices they are worth it to them. To me they are not. I can say though the positron plays well there is no denying that.

Honestly it all comes down to, as many others have said, what you are willing to pay. I have a sizable collection of about 100 throws at this point give or take and only a couple that are as costly as the Positron. In my opinion I would rather spend that much on 2 amazing throws than a single throw. I just don’t see the cost being realistic nor worthwhile. I see having 2 great throws on hand as a better investment in the long run as far as versatility of one’s collection and having more throws available when you want to switch up.

I just picked up a Drop Bear from Ten YoYo and its an amazing throw…just as nice on the string as my Positron and honestly I have been playing it more than I ever have with the Positron. No throw is going to make you a better player since it comes down to practice and desire and you can see anywhere that a good player can function with a low price throw just as well as with a $200 one.

So really, if I were you, I’d invest in 2 high quality throws and you would then have the chance to try out 2 new throws that were well made, fun and worth the money. I don’t believe that quantity is better than quality but I don’t see that much difference in quality between say my Drop Bear and my Positron…honestly I’d rather play the Drop Bear at this point.

Me. I won’t be paying $200 or up on another yoyo. The difference in play is either nonexistent or so negligible that it doesn’t really make a difference. If anything, I’d rather buy one yoyo and save the difference for another down the road. I think that variety can help make you as a player more than a $200 yoyo that may hinder your play since you’re afraid of putting a ding in your expensive yoyo.

You mentioned getting a Compulsion. I tried one, and I wouldn’t get it if I were you. It had a jarring vibe, and played below average on the string. The plaid looked great, but the other one had an undesireable shade of brown behind the dots. The finish made it grind worse than my Chaser. Sunshine Kite Company (a retail store that sells yoyos) said they sent back the last run of Epics because the vibe was so bad. They ended up with Compulsions rather than a refund (which they wanted). I’d reccommend avoiding Madhouse because of this. Sorry if I was harsh.

id say positron is worth it