What YoYo/YoYos would You buy for 200$

I personally would buy a positron.


yoyorecreation Fragment!

I probably wouldn’t since with that much cash you can nearly buy 2 awesome, quality throws.

I might throw that much down for a titanium throw though like a TI walker.

I wouldn’t

200$ [shadow=red,left]is[/shadow] a little high… For a yoyo…
So, in that case… I WOULD NOT BUYZ A YOYO FOR 200 BUCKZ

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Turning point positron is viciousss

No, it really isn’t.

But, I’d probably get two Code 2s.

Blue cloud H5 and silver Yeah3 :slight_smile:

Good choice. I really want a Yeah3.

I spend $180 on a 1 of 1 The Works Colorway. Amazing, plays sweet. I feel it was over-priced, but hey, it’s a rare. So there.

$200? No, I’m not ready to spend that on a SINGLE yoyo, at least not yet. I’d rather spread it around on mostly lesser expensive stuff. Yeah, I have some high priced stuff on my wants list, but most are not anything I need to be in a hurry for.

Come on man. :slight_smile: yoyoing only goes so far, there are plenty of good throws for far less. But…I dont really pay for my yoyos…so I dont know the buying trends of todays yoyo society so…

which yoyo in the works colourway? id probably buy some strings and save the rest

There are people, such as me, who can’t feel comfortable with a 90$ yoyo, after having bought a 190$ Positron, that’s the reason why I mostly have YYR yoyos in my collection. I know I’ll never be able to consider a Supernova as good as a Double Joker, just because it’s cheaper; I’ll never put a buck for a YYF or CLYW yoyo, not because they produce bad yoyos, but because they are cheaper. Even if I know that for 125$ I can have an amazing C3 Trident, I will always prefer buying a vibey B-Grade Acrophobia. I know that’s stupid, but that’s how I work, and how some other people may work too ::slight_smile:

Yeah, I know, I’m the perfect target for manufacturers to raise their prices ;D

Oh and just to be clear, I’m only a 20 yo student :wink:

gold impreial…with no string.

I would buy as many projams as I could and go to Ron Jon’s surf shop and start giving them away to the kids as they come through. Now I need to get those yoyo’s…

It’s a 2nd Run Peak. It looks like I forgot to mention that. It plays far better than my other 2nd Run Peak, SMOKES my Canvas, but it’s not quite up to my Avalanche or Chief. Some of this is based on my preferences. I’ve already laid aside cash for it, but not for shipping yet. Shipping won’t be that much.

My next big “single purchase” will be a CLYW Arctic Circle.

However, I’m not one of those people who can only enjoy expensive yoyos. I am usually using stuff in the under $60 range most of the time and having an amazing time. This week I’ve done some mods to a Duncan ProZ. I put an A-size CenterTrac in there and the brass spacers. It’s pretty much unresponsive. Once the pads wear wa down, I’ll try the regular spacers it came with and see where it is.

I don’t think we NEED to have an expensive yoyo to have a good time. I also feel most if not all of us should have at least one metal in the $100+ range if we can afford it. Then again, some of us(not me) have developed in their play style and it ends up requiring a yoyo that just so happens to be pricey. These are most likely competitive and/or professional players. Then again, some of us may just simply have a preference for the stuff in the upper end of the price range. There’s no right. All that matters is that you’re enjoying what you have and can afford it

I know at some point I will buy a $200 yoyo. It won’t be this year unless my skills increase by an amazing factor. It could happen!

If I had a budget to spend ONLY on a yoyo then the YYR overdrive, but if I could go for other stuff as well then…a lot of markmont dragon string and maby some regular toxic string, 200 dollars worth of it, hehe.

I would wait for a while till I had twice that and buy a FHMG. ;D

Get a better yoyo. MG is ok but nothing to write home about.