What YoYo/YoYos would You buy for 200$


if you have $400 get 4 code 2s.

Like I said earlier, I probably wouldn’t want to buy a yoyo for 200$ at the moment.

I bought a YYR Dreadnought and I love it. Amazing yoyo. I’d like to try and get my hands on an attic circle. Any news on the drop date yet?

Thanks for saying this again.

Even though it’s completely pointless and doesn’t contribute to the thread at all.

On topic: The only yoyos I would spend $200 would be Titanium. And even then, I can’t really say it’s worth it. When I had a Ti Walker I just couldn’t feel it being worth $200. And Sovs feel like they’re worth less than that.

Not to say they’re not good yoyos, because they are.

No need.

It’s been taken care of. Your post was not needed just like the one you quoted.


he’s my bro. :stuck_out_tongue:

got one … its great… i have to say it plays better than my chief and code2

but will i buy another $200 throw? probably not… will i keep the positron forever? … probably

but its funny I just got a H5 and i love it!!! had a yeah3 … it was great but H5 FTW … can’t put it down

same with trident … also great but wasn’t like the H5 where i couldn’t put it down

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$200? U high? ;D

Well, I’d probably get a vintage collectable at this price point…

me neither, not anymore, except for a rare, extremely limited edition of some sort, like I’ll probably be getting that 2nd run viszilla, but that’s about it, and it’s because I know for a fact that it performs.

I spent too much money on expensive throws that get outperformed by most $40 made in china bootleg

Genesis or Supernova, 10 balls KK, can’t outperform the classics. $200 is ok for a collector, not a performer

i say go for a rare throw. not to hard to find something or even a titanium. but honestly dont knock down cheap throws also keep options open. 2 code 2s and learn 6A(offstring,counterwait)