Best Quality for Price: Supernova VS Positron

Hey everybody it’ toshiyotokyo.  You might now my youtube channel as toshiyotokyo.  If not, go check it out!
I’m trying to get more involved in the yo-yo community.
In this post I wanted to ask you guys what yoyo do you think has the best quality for its price?
Below I gave my personal opinion comparing YYF’s Supernova and Turning Point’s Positron.
Check out my youtube review, comparing the two below.

If not then I’ll just provide a short written explanation below:

Supernova and Positron, two of some of the most recently popular and widely used high quality competition yoyos out there today.  Both play very smoothly, and are 100% playable straight out of the box.  Both use a C size large bearing, and both can use either YYF silicone pads, or K pads as a response.  Both have very similar weights, with the Supernova weighing in at 67.5 grams, and the Positron at 66.4 grams.  However, there are still some notable differences that separate the two from each other, first of which would be price.  The Supernova on average prices at around $95, at least $50 less than the Positron (depending on which version you get.  The nice designed ones can run up to $200).  And for most players, the subtle difference in play, smoothness, and stability, might not be significant enough to justify paying an extra $50 dollars for just a slightly better level playing comfort.  As mentioned in my video above, if I bought the Supernova before buying the Positron, I’d probably still have the Supernova and NOT the Positron, simply because the quality of play is just unmatched for it’s price.  However, personally the Supernova just feels slightly heavy compared to the Positron, but if you’re just simply looking for a good throw, the Supernova would probably be the better choice for the price conscious buyer.

Which one do you think is better?  Check out my video and decide for yourself.
What yoyo do you think has the best quality throw for the price?
Let me know!  And please compare your pick with another yoyo so we might get a better idea what you’re comparing it to.
Thanks for reading!

BTW below are the specs of each yoyo:
Diameter- 56.3mm
Width- 44.2mm
Weight- 67.5grams
Bearing Size- C
Response- CBC slim pad / K-pad
Axil Size- 8mm

Diameter- 55.7mm
Width- 42.5mm
Weight- 66.4grams
Bearing Size- C
Response- K-pad

Haha just gonna say that your video was the last thing that convinced me to get a supernova a couple weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue: and its amazing, so thanks :slight_smile:

Nice job. I’m getting the supernova. I like the video!

Thanks for the review! I’m waiting for my YYF Supernova in the mail.

Awesome guys! Thanks for the comments!

Man, your videos are awesome, keep up the good work!!!

Thank you! I’ll be making more videos as soon as I finish finals this week!