need yoyorec advice

are they worth all the hype on them and the price is it really worth that much cash and what are some cool features about them why should i pick them try to sell your favorite one to me. i like solid y0y0s and i really want something i will love so my other preferences.
have a sleipner but i want more yoyorec so some suggested throws from yyr please
size: full size
feel: smooth, stable, powerful, knowing its there so a little on the solid side, want it to feel very fun.
any shape
i want something that goes both fast and laid back when you want it i just want options of playing so i can push the speed but also go slower if i want to

Short answer: Yes

Long Answer: Get a Sleipnir.

The question is, is it worth it to you. You’re shelling out the cash. The expensive yoyo won’t make you better. It’s all in your mind.

i know it wont make me better you need practice for that but still im not going to compete at bacs without something nice so i got myself a sleipnir in a trade thats in the mail and im thinking an attune sounds like its the one for me because its comfortable and when i practice its usual a three hour plus practice i know im addicted i dont think its how long you have been throwing its how much you have thrown so i would say i put in a good three hours a day 21 hours a week so a month is somewhere around 80 hours so say you throw for three months 1 hour a day i would be probably as good as you


i like putting rabbits on my string because i like hoppy throws. sorry i get sidetracked

LOL I hear you man. You throw more in one week than I do in a year.

Punctuation, please.

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I recently sold my 7075 Chief and 2 other throws so I could buy a Sleipnir. I loved the Chief, but the Sleipnir is way better. The whole time i’ve been yoyoing I would throw a sleeper just to see how long it would spin. Everything I had would spin out to the right after about 1 minute 30 seconds, even the Chief. I’ve had the Sleipnir for 3 days and hadn’t tested the sleep time since I was having so much fun doing combos, but I did today. I got 5 minutes straight with no tilt at all. It would have spun longer but I wanted to see if it would still bind after 5 minutes. It did… with a nice snap. They are definitely worth the price.


In my opinion, YYR are worth every penny. I think they’re the best players out there. Smooth, stable, agile, and long-spinning. Not much more you could ask for.

I mean if you have a Sleipnir on the way no need to already be looking at an Attune. Sleipnir is still one of the best yoyos ever made, and has won world championships(I think, did Shinya use it in 09?)… Either way it’s great and honestly is a better yoyo than 99.99% of players need.

bump still need help