yyr sleipnir vs yyf mvp

which one is better the yyr sleipnir or the yyf mvp considering the mvp does not ding and both play good

What makes you think the MVP Dosnt ding?

When they hit the ground, each will ding in pretty much the same way because they’re both 7075.

If you’re planning on getting a metal to walk the dog, as much as I usually wouldn’t recommend it, get a ricochet.

But if you’re looking for a throw that plays a notch above most YYF (in my opinion), get a sleipnir.


In every way imaginable.

really is like the orginal mvp really made out of 7075

GEt an mvp if you want to unscrew your yoyo without having to tune it. Sleipner if you just want play andf can pick knots/tune yoyo.

Can we PLEASE stop this nonsense about not unscrewing YYR throws? That IS NOT a Yoyorecreation statement. It is the statement of the website selling it. I unscrew my YYR all the time and have never had a problem.

Comparing the MVP to the Sleipnir is ridiculous. Other than they are both yoyo’s; there is no comparison.

If you have 200 bucks hidden in your couch, get a sleipnir.

You really can’t compare those two yoyos. Look at their respective shapes!

All 7075 yoyos can’t be compared simply because they share a material. Look at the variety of different yoyos utilizing 7075 aluminum. If they were all comparable in play, why would there be more than one?

As I’ve said time and time again, personal preference is the name of the game. Which shape do you like better? Which weight would you prefer? What is your budget? Those are the questions you should ask, not a material-focused inquiry.

Sleipner for daysssss… Better playing, and believe me, I have found the whole unscrewing thing to be a lie. I have unscrewed my 2 YYR several times and have had no added vibe at all.

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Sleipnir is so much better than either version of the mvp. Also the shapes are diffrent between the two. They will all ding if you hit them hard enough.

Also like YoyoGeezer said, that statement about vibe is complety false. I have a dreadnought, two overdrives, messiah, sleipnir, two clash’s and a gleipnir. NONE of them have EVER gotten vibe from unscrewing them EVER.

It isn’t that big of a deal when you unscrew a YYR. Just be careful because they are prone to strippage like any yoyo with such a short axle.

No they’re not.

If you put the axle in crooked, it will strip more easily than a yoyo with a longer axle. If you do that with a yoyo with a longer axle, the most that could really happen is a partial strip.

But you’re also less likely to put in the axle crookedly, since it’s shorter. also, I’ve never seen or heard about a single “stripped” YYR. Ever. I only ever see stripped YYFs and YYJs.

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That is true.

But pertaining to the original post, i would personally go with the MVP. The slepnir is so expensive, and youll always be too scared to even bring it outside! Performance wise, the MVP is more rim weighted amd has a completely different shape then the slepnir. My personal preference is still the MVP though.

I still say to go with the Sleipner or Stargazer. I’ve never been afraid of using mine. YYR makes expensive, but very high quality throws. And, now that the price has dropped from $190 to $160, there’s no better time to get one.

ur right i’m getting one for christmas

I got my Sleipnir today and, well, lets say it this way - i own mostly high-end throws. Chief, 7075 Chief, AC, Avalanche, El Ranchero, KLR, Mod10, Majesty (7075), Diamondback, Freq. Wave, Sentinel, Irony JP, AL5, Royale, Cascade ++

NOTHING, NOTHING compares to this thing. The JP is close though not the same.

Hate to say it but I think the JP is a bit better than the sleipnir, just a bit better and grinds so much longer.

I have seen stripped YYR before but none of them were sleipnirs. The store that has that red paragraph is up there for their own coverage, not yyr’s coverage. YYR doesn’t have that on their official store website. Also none of my yyr’s have ever had problems with stripping or putting in the axle crookedly.