Best YoyoRecreation?

Hi, I was just wondering what you guys, in your opinion, thought the best yoyorecreation yoyo is. I am looking to buy one eventually and since all of their yoyos are pretty close to $200, I really don’t want to buy one and decide that I don’t like it.


Preferences first?
Then I’ll tell you ;D

Depends on what you like.

If you like fast and quick floaty play, the Sleipnir or Overdrive would be perfect for you. Fast, light feeling, and oversized fun.

If you like smoother and more solid flow play, then the e=mc2 or Clash would both be great choices. Super smooth, great weight, awesome play.

All around yoyo for everyday flow but contest ready, Stargazer and Messiah would be perfect for such.

It depends on what you are looking for really. Either way, you will end up making a great choice, all of YYR yoyo’s are superb in quality and play and have a very premium feel.


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I just got a YYR “Mr Butcher”. Great yoyo.

It is a bit of a departure for YYR - more central weight and less pushed to the rims. Very powerful spin and more width and heft than my Sleipnir. Mr Butcher is slightly less stable - but much more powerful spin than the Sleipnir.

I don’t really go for fast play but I do like a really stable feeling yoyo. I tend to go for heavier yoyos but I really like Takahiro Iizuka’s style of play with the slacks and whips. I just don’t know about the messiah because I have heard it is undersized and I’m not really into an undersized throw. I have enough lol.

Call me crazy, but out of the Sleip, Gleip, and Messiah I actually prefer the Gleipnir. You don’t hear nearly as much about it compared to some of the other models but it’s the most stable throw I’ve ever had. I can get as sloppy as I want and wrap string in the gap for days until the yoyo is almost dead and it’s still perfectly straight. I always use it for learning new tricks now because I get so much time to mess up before I have to return and throw again.

Sounds to me like it’s right up your alley. It’s the solid, heavier model of the bunch. Totally recommend.

The Gleipnir is a great throw.
I also have a Solenoid. It is the TP version of the Gleipnir.
I agree about the spin-time thing. Those yo-yos spin for days and still come back with a thump.

It gives me an extra few seconds to mess-up a trick or two… :slight_smile:

@YoyoGeezer will it be a problem to tell me a little bit more about Mr. Butcher because I really want something Japanese and right now I am wondering between it and the New Double Joker(the one with delrin)

I’ve tried looooooaaaaads of YYR, and I must say that even if it’s vibey, my Blink is the best I’ve tried so far.

My favorite is Sleipnir. Then Overdrive. Then maybe Acrophobia.

So what’s different between the Slepneir and Glepneir? They sound related lol but I am sure they are probably polar opposites.

Sleipnir is light fast and bouncy

Gleipnir is heavy solid and hard spinning