messiah vs gleipnir vs overdrive

what are the pros and cons of each like can they all do horizontal and are they stable and can they mantain pads for a good time or do they wear out quickly
also is it true about yyr yoyos that tend to vibe when they get unsrewed or is it just a rumor?

Messiah is obviously gonna be the least stable, due to the smaller size.
The gleipnier is the most stable from my experience
the Overdrive is off by a hair in stability compared to the gleipnir.

The messiah isn’t too good at horizontal, the Overdrive is the BEST at horizontal, and the Gleipnir is just a little after it.

There was never vibe from any YYR I ever owned. I unscrew my yoyos very frequently.
So No issues there.
The I’ve never changed a YYR pad ever.

Ehhhh, I didn’t really like the overdrive as much as I thought. I was surprised when my friend got it for $60. Its worth the $60, not the $160…

Whilst we’re here guys, how does the Gleipnir compare to the Sleipnir. I have a Gleipnir, and I love it, but I was wondering whether there’s enough difference to warrant picking up a Sleipnir as well?

At the moment it’s Sleipnir .vs. Krown for me, and it’s not an easy decision.

Really now?
Thats weird. I felt it played 200+
Maybe you didn’t get a real one? or maybe it was defective.

Also, Gambit.
The difference is massive. The sleipnir is super light, stable and fast, the gleipnir is more hefty and rock solid.
The sleipnir feels skinnier in the hand, and the gleipnir is a bit fatter.

Wilson, we just had this conversation yesterday xD

Yes we did xD

It isn’t mine, it was my friends. He went to Japan, and got one as a souvenir. (it was $60 so it might be fake or something lol)

Sleipnir : Gleipnir :: Stargazer : StarGeyser

The Gleipnir is a beefier version of the Sleipnir. The most notable thing about the Gleipnir to me: How many have you seen on on BST? That tells me that when they are purchased they tend to stay where they land. I know this will not help, but you should have both of these in your bag. They are that different in the way that they play and the way they LET you play.

It will become increasingly difficult finding one. Since I read YYR is not making any more of the old models, you will have to convince someone to give-up theirs.

I myself thought the overdrive fit the $120 category better but it’s my favorite of the 3 listed

I’ll also say that I picked up one of the yyr A+ packs and they all had varying vibe. My stargeyser was the worst followed by the triplet with the overdrive being almost dead smooth