YYR help..

For people who have played one or both or all of these throws, which do you prefer over the other (pros and cons)

I’m looking to pick one up for a talent show soon, so need a bit of help deciding :stuck_out_tongue:

All help is appreciated ;D

Messiah is a solid, fast, full of energy performer.

Gleip is heavy, ULTRA STABLE, but can go fast.

Clash 2012 is plain awesome.

I need something with a large catch zone but something that could move quickly threw tricks… Messiah?

Messiah is fast, but I wouldn’t say it has a big catch zone. The sleipner fits that profile better. the clash 2011 is also bery fast

Yea, I would definitely get a Sleipnir, but I don’t think many are being sold on the bst in mint condition…

Not many mint yyr are being sold. The dreadnought actually plays super light, and is also huge.

Yeah it is a sort of inside joke between me and my yoyo friends that the dreadnought is the heaviest yoyo that isn’t heavy.

I forgot about the Overdrive. Lightest playing YYR with wide A$$ catch zone

Thanks, I might have to see if I can find either that or a Sleipnir. If that doesn’t go well I’ll either get a Messiah or a Gleipnir

The Gleipner isn’t fast at all, so I’m not sure you would like it.

Yeah, that’s just if I can’t find any other YYR :stuck_out_tongue: