tell me about your clash 2012 and gleipnir


there are so few reviews on this 2 yoyos its unbelievable. im considering getting one of these and i wanted to know other peoples opinions. would love to get a full on review if anyones willing. obviously its all preference but i want to know which one you guys like best. now write my minions.WRITE!!




Someone please reply!


They’re YYRs. You won’t be disappointed by any of their selection. unless you get a vibey one.


Not tried the 2012 clash yet, but the Gleipnir… such a beast! Probably the most stable yoyo I’ve ever played
excellent spin time, good for horizontal, excellent at body tricks. I consider it as beeing the best alternative to the Sleipnir for those who are not fond of speedy play.


The Gleipnir really is all about stability. It’s a heavier feeling and large throw. Not particularly fast and not floaty at all.

But if you’re practicing a trick, you can usually make one hard throw and then practice for a while, go have a sandwich, run some errands, and come back to find the Gleip will still be spinning hard and level.

There isn’t too much more to be said. If you like large and heavier throws, you can’t miss with the Gleip. It might even turn you on to them.


thanks guys. just traded for a 2012 clash. still looking for a sleipnir and gleipnir though. check out my bst if anyone has one for sale or trade. i would buy a sleipnir for 125$