how stable the sleipnir is

i wanna know if the stabillity of the sleipnir is unmatched by any other yoyo and is it rock solid stable on the string

It’s as stable as it could possibly be without sacrificing speed.


Exactly. There are more solid throws by YYR, but you’ll definitely compromise speed

i meant is it rock solid stable at fast play


I’m not sure what exactly you’re asking here. Are you asking if the sleipnir is stable?

Every yoyo is stable. If I can throw it down and come up, I would personally consider that a stable throw.

Instead of posting this as a poll, you’d probably get more responses if you left it as a simple post.


Honestly, any YYR you buy will be stable. You should worry more about buying a yoyo to fit your preferences.

It’s a YYR. It’s built for death and destruction. There’s a reason it’s a 200$ throw… But seriously, I found it a bit too light and squirrelly. I prefer a heavier and more “solid” throw. Now if you wanna talk about the Gleipner… There’s a yoyo with some Cajones.

I love my sleipnir. It’s a great weight that has ideal distribution. It feels like every bit of aluminum is exactly where it needs to be.

is the sleipnir really solid

Yes. It’s made of a very durable aluminum. I hope this answers your question.

It’s an amazing yoyo. I was just remarking that it’s a bit to light for my preferences. As for you, I’m sure the sleipnir will live up to any expectations you put on it. It’s stable and fast, just like pretty much any high end yoyo will be. It’s built for competition.

It’s been used to win a couple of competitions. Shinya Kido took worlds in 2009 (with a prototype) and the Central Japan contest this year using one. Christopher Chia used it to win the Asia Pacific contest in 2011. Like others have said, just about every YYR (and most high end throws geared towards competition play) will be more than stable enough.

The Sleipnir is YYR’s most popular throw for good reason. Having said that, a Sleipnir is not going to improve your abilities. Only practice and persistence will do that.

Happy throwing!


Play it yourself and decide your self. And stop posting these useless polls. And yes it is stable, but no where near as stable as a Maxbet or a Stealth Ogre or something built for stability.

i say it’s rock solid stable during fast play and it’s stable enough for cool tricks

I only see one useless post. We were all brand new and made posts like this at one point. There’s no reason to be rude about it.

Your post doesn’t have anything to do with the question. After the 4th or 5th time with people telling him about the same thing it gets annoying. Sorry for sounding rude, but these posts are getting ridiculous.