Yoyos Known for their Stability

I’m finding that one of the main things that raises my enjoyment of a throw is (how I define) its stability.

For example, I love the Phenomizm because no matter what I do, it is fairly rare to see it lose a good orientation (I’m a bit new to some terminology still, so “tilt” or “lean” or “turn” or some other word might be better).

I’m wondering what some of you would say are some throws that are known to be among the most stable? Price is not a concern, low or high.

Alternately, I’ve made an “generally interested in list”. Maybe you know some on this list are exceptionally stable throws? It is below, but don’t feel you have to stick to throws on the list.

(I do realize that there are human factors involved in stability :wink: I just find pleasure in stability the way some feel pleasure in some other factor).

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

The list:

YYF Severe (delrin)
YYF Supernova
YYJ Chaser
YYJoker Luminous
ILYY Torino
Zeekio Zenith
Turning Point Solenoid
Turning Point Positron
Square Wheels Rockefeller (Depeche - sure I spelled that wrong!)

Yyf genesis

The Chief. Most stable throw Ive ever played its insane…

-Most of the YYR lineup, especially the Gleipnir and Draupnir.
-sOMEThING Anglam CC Version.
-YYJ Diamondback (didn’t much like the feel of it in the hand but that thing is stable as a rock)
-Yoyo Joker Eternity


Sturm Panzer Stealth Ogre.

This yoyo could deflect a cruise missile.

If I remember correctly when I was talking to michael montgomery. The whole reason teh forte is so slim is because he was trying to make it as stable as possible

The YYF Super G. It’s more stable than noble gases :wink:

This made me chuckle…

I think a slimmer base makes it less stable. May be wrong though.

The slimmer base will make it more stable. Having a mass further away from the center of gravity of a rotating object will make it more prone to being offbalanced on a bad throw. Just as an example, have you seen something like an imperial have any kind of wobble? On the opposite end, if you so much as look at a superwide wrong it’ll wobble out of control.

The 7075 Doomsday Genesis is by far the most stable throw I’ve ever used apart from…

…YYR DreadnaughtG. Dat size + dat weight = More stable than Norways economy.

That thing probably weighs more than all the currency in Norway too XD


x3 Teh yo real stable yoyo

Great throw I love mine, but it is not as stable as the MonkeyFinger Design Gelada. As far as stability is concerned, the Clyw Puffin is another option. But the YYF Proton is also very stable and another great throw. But I think the king of stability in my collection has to be the 2013 Superstar. It is very stable and more reasonable priced than the other options above.


I do not think that this statement is correct. Your argument only applies when there is only one mass orbiting a central point. Yoyo’s have two, perfectly opposing masses. In that system, the center is far more stable the further apart those objects are. Add to this the additional stability created by the opposing rotational momentum of each half, and the argument for width is even stronger. Your argument about the super-wide; ignores the increased energy needed to induce wobble in the super-wide vs. the Imperial in the first place.

A tightrope walker has a pole that is very long; not short. Does the race car with the widest wheel base flip-over easier than one with a narrow wheel base? Are airplane wings short and stubby; or long and wide?

Width generally adds stability to a system.

As a Norwegian, lol.
The Sleipnir is really stable. So is the RecRev Octave. H5xChief is a monster!
I didn’t find the Diamondback to be stable at all, really. It tilted easily on me…

Thanks for your replies, everyone. Very much appreciated.