Stability Theory



I’ve owned many, many throws in my 2 years of throwing. And in those 2 years, there have been some yoyos that have amazed me because of the pure stability of them. But kinda recently, I’ve been changing up my style into more of a Figure 8-y type style where I do a bunch of snippets from Jason Lee’s famous Figure 8 supercombo.

My most stable of throws, the Chief, Berserker RX, and Smooth TC, have all had slight problems with me doing these types of tricks. I don’t know if it’s just me, but when really stable yoyos start tilting, they seem to stay tilted because of the outstanding stability they are born with. I’ve done the same combos on less stable and more floaty throws, and they fly through it perfectly fine.
It’s really frustrating knowing I spent a lot of time and money to acquire such throws.

Just my take on super - stable throws.


Yea more stable throws are less forgiving. But it makes you a better thrower in the end.


I’ve noticed something similar. I’ve found that on 3D type tricks more stable yoyos will lose spin and be harder to use since they resist that type of movement. A less stable, more easily tilted yoyo seems to work better since it seems to flow with the trick more, rather than against it. There are always tilt correction techniques anyways.


That’s actually kinda weird if you think about it though. Stable yoyos were made not to tilt easily, yet something as simple as an off eli hop could throw them off balance.


I think it all comes down to the player, not the yoyo.


The idea of stability can only be focused with the idea of a certain plane. It’s not just the player since the yoyo will be less forgiving going in a foreign plane.